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Istanbul is a huge city with many amazing things to do. So when you are visiting this city, you might not want to rush it. However, if you have just a couple of days to spend in Istanbul, you can still do some fun stuff. For example, if you have just three days to spend in this city, you can check out the Istanbul 3-day itinerary activity ideas that we have here.

Istanbul is one of the best cities in Turkey to visit as a tourist. Also, if you are planning to live here, Istanbul can be a wonderful city for an expat as well. Even if you have just a few days in this city, you can enjoy some amazing experiences. So now let’s check out some Istanbul 3-day itinerary activity ideas that you can do in this city.

1. See the Beautiful Sights of This City on Your Istanbul 3-Day Itinerary

Istanbul is a city with many wonderful sights, be it natural places or historical landmarks. So visiting some popular landmarks and seeing the beautiful sights of Istanbul can be on your list of things to do it this city, when you are here for three days.

You may decide to check out some popular places such as Hagia Sophia or Maiden’s Tower. Also, you may visit some lesser-known places like Yoros Castle. If you want to check out some natural locations, you can visit places like Belgrad Forest as well.

2. Don’t Forget to Eat Some Amazing Street Food During Your Istanbul 3-Day Itinerary

Istanbul is a city where you can find a lot of restaurants that serve delicious dishes. Also, there are many street food options in Istanbul which you may want to try out.

So remember to enjoy some of the local dishes during your Istanbul 3-day itinerary. Here in this city you can try out dishes from other parts of the country as well as food from other cuisines or some local dishes.

3. Walk on the Streets of Istanbul and Rest at the Cafes

There are many streets in Istanbul that are worth exploring. If you want to truly experience Istanbul, you can spend some time walking on the streets of Istanbul and seeing this wonderful city in an unfiltered way.

When you are spending lots of time walking on the streets of this city, you may get tired. In that case you can spend some time in an Istanbul cafe to rest for some time and maybe enjoy some delicious Turkish coffee.

4. You Can Also Visit the Beautiful Beaches in Istanbul During Your 3-Day Stay Here

For most people Istanbul is known to be a huge and crowded city. So you may not be expecting that there are many beaches in Istanbul that are very beautiful. On your Istanbul 3-day itinerary, you can visit one of those beaches.

You can go to beaches in Kilyos or Sile, or you can check out some of the beaches in Princes’ Islands. If you want to have some amazing time, you may want to visit a good beach in Istanbul.

5. Pick an Istanbul Day Trip Idea and Carry It Out on Your Istanbul 3-Day Itinerary

There are many Istanbul day trip ideas that you can carry out. While they may not be suitable for an Istanbul one day itinerary, if you have three days in this city, some of them may be awesome.

For example, you can go to the Princes’ Islands or enjoy your time with a Bosphorus sunset cruise. Moreover, you can go to other places in Turkey such as Bursa, the city of Troy in Canakkale, Ephesus and more.

6. You May Also Want to Watch Some Unique and Interesting Shows in Istanbul as Well

In Istanbul it is possible to find many unique shows that you can find interesting. During your Istanbul 3-day itinerary you can check out some of the unique shows in Istanbul.

For instance, you can check out the whirling dervishes show as well as dance performances and festivals in Istanbul.

7. Make Sure to Enjoy the Nightlife in Istanbul During Your Istanbul 3-Day Itinerary

The last thing to do that we are going to talk about on our list of Istanbul 3-day itinerary activities is visiting some of the bars and clubs in Istanbul.

Istanbul’s nightlife is quite lively and fun. So when you are in this city you may want to experience it. On your next visit to this city, you can check out some clubs in here.


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