There are lots of delicious dishes in the Turkish cuisine that use a variety of ingredients. For instance, there are many Turkish dishes with yogurt that can be worth trying. Yogurt is a fairly versatile type of ingredient that can be incorporated into a lot of different types of dishes such as soups, desserts, drinks and more… On this blog post we are going to mention some of the Turkish dishes that contain yogurt. If you are interested in this topic, keep reading and learn about the ideas we will share.

Here are Some of the Turkish Dishes with Yogurt

Are you looking for Turkish dishes with yogurt? Well, we can talk about many examples of that. In Turkish cuisine, there are numerous dishes that have yogurt in it. As it is quite a versatile food item, there are sides, appetizers, main courses, soups and even desserts with yogurt in Turkish cuisine. Yogurt soup is among the examples of this, as well as cacik, which is a common side dish. Aside from these we will also talk about other examples such as revani, tarator and some others.

Yogurt Soup is One of the Delicious Turkish Dishes with Yogurt

One of the examples of Turkish dishes with yogurt is yogurt soup. There are numerous soups in Turkish cuisine that have yogurt in it. For example, there are varieties of this that contain meatballs, chickpeas and so on… The basic yogurt soup is a simple soup made using ingredients such as yogurt, flour, salt, egg yolk, dried mint, etc… If you want to try a simple Turkish dish that has yogurt in it, this option can be amazing.

Looking for a Nice Side Dish with Yogurt? Try Cacik

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Cacik is another dish in Turkish cuisine that contains yogurt. It is a simple side dish that can go really well with many different types of main courses. Cacik can be great with meatballs, chicken dishes, various vegetable dishes and so on… This basic side dish is made using ingredients like yogurt, cucumber, dried mint, salt and garlic…

Revani is an Awesome Dessert with Yogurt

As we have already stated, yogurt is a fairly versatile ingredient. It is even used in desserts like this one. After a nice dinner or lunch, revani can be a great way to end the meal. When done right, this dessert can be fluffy, sweet and basically amazing. It is made using ingredients like flour, sugar, yogurt, eggs and cooking oil…

A Nice Meze with Yogurt is Carrot Tarator

In Turkish cuisine, there are many different mezes. They can be eaten as a snack, or with a meal, or along with alcoholic beverages like rakı. One of these mezes is called tarator and it has various versions such as this one. Carrot tarator is made with ingredients such as carrot, cooking oil, salt and yogurt… Moreover the process of preparing this meze is quite simple, too.

Another Turkish Dish with Yogurt is Alinazik

Alinazik is another one of the Turkish dishes with yogurt. It is a delicious dish that can be awesome as a main course. This dish has ingredients such as meat, yogurt, eggplant and butter. It can be made through a fairly simple process and it is a wonderful way to serve meat.

Mantı is a Tasty Turkish Dish with Yogurt

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There are versions of dumplings in many cuisines. Basically, manti is a type of dumpling found in Turkish cuisine. Also, many other cuisines have this dish, as well. It you like dumplings, this version can be worth trying. Mantı has a simple meat filling with various ingredients and it is served with a yogurt sauce, along with tomato paste sauce.

Turkish Dishes with Yogurt Final Words

As it can be used in various types of dishes, yogurt is a fairly versatile ingredient. Containing protein, calcium and other nutrients, it is a very nutritious type of food, too. In case you are interested in Turkish cuisine and want to check out some of the dishes in this cuisine that contain yogurt, you may have been looking for Turkish dishes with yogurt. On this blog post we talked about many examples of this, from mantı to alinazik. If any of these examples attracted your interest, consider trying it and see if you like it.