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Istanbul can easily be one of the top cities in the world to visit. Especially for those who are planning to visit as a tourist, this city has many beautiful things to see. Istanbul one day itinerary can be a way to see those things in a short amount of time.

If you are planning to visit Istanbul for one day, you can still make the most out of your visit. It just takes a little planning to achieve that. In this post, you can learn about how can you plan your one day itinerary and the type of activities that you can include on your visit.

Why and How to Plan an Istanbul One Day Itinerary?

If you are planning to visit Istanbul in a short amount of time, planning a one day itinerary can be a pretty good idea. This way, you can see many places during the time of your visit. So those who have limited time in this city can consider Istanbul one day itinerary as an option.

As it was mentioned before, planning may be the key to have a nice one day itinerary experience. That is why, there are some things that you should decide beforehand. First of all, you should pick the experiences that you want to have.

Because there are many different types of things to do in Istanbul. As you will see later in this post, you can do various activities on your one day itinerary. So decide which ones you would like to experience and which ones you wouldn’t.

After you decide the kind of activities you want to do on your one day itinerary, make sure to pick activities that you can do without having to travel for long hours. For instance, choosing places to see that are really far away from each other may not be a really good idea.

1. In Your Istanbul One Day Itinerary You Can Visit Historical Places

Istanbul’s history can be what stands out the most about this city for sure. So in your Istanbul one day itinerary you can visit popular historical places that are close to each other. For example you can see Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Madien’s Tower and Galata Tower. These are all admirable landmarks of Istanbul that you can visit in your one day itinerary.

2. Next Stop On Your Istanbul One Day Itinerary May Be Fener & Balat

Istanbul has many fascinating streets that are worth to see. And Fener & Balat are two places in Istanbul that have amazing locations that you might want to see as a tourist. You can take amazing pictures here and explore new places. The colorful streets of Fener & Balat can make you fall in love with the city for sure.

3. When You Are In Istanbul For One Day You Should Definitely Taste the Street Food

When we are talking about Istanbul, it is almost impossible not to talk about the street food. Because in Istanbul, you can taste some of the most delicious food you have ever eaten. That’s why you may want taste different street foods during your Istanbul one day itinerary. You can try out kebabs, doner, Turkish ice cream, wet burgers, kumpir and many more delicious street food.

4. Experience the Nature of Istanbul

If you love being in nature and want to see that part of Istanbul during your vacation, there are many places that you can visit in your one day itinerary. Istanbul has many nature parks where you can spend wonderful time with your friends and family.

5. You Can Enjoy Bopshorus Sunset Cruise In Your Istanbul One Day Itinerary

Bosphorus sunset cruise is a great way to experience Istanbul in a unique manner. You can watch the beautiful sunset while enjoying your time on the cruise. Moreover, you can see the amazing Bosphorus view.

6. You May Choose to Conclude Your Istanbul One Day Itinerary by Going to Spa

After you had a long day of travelling and seeing places, going to an Istanbul spa can exactly be what you need. You can have different massages by profesionals and have relaxed and chill time. It can be a great way to get rid of the tiredness of the vacation.


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