Istanbul is a city that is especially famous for its history and landmarks. Many tourists from all around the world come to this city and visit these landmarks. Yoros Castle is one of those landmarks that a tourist might want to see while visiting Istanbul.

If you want to learn more about the history of Istanbul, you should definitely visit this castle. In this post, you can read about the history and importance of the castle and other places that you can visit around the area.

History of the Yoros Castle

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Yoros castle is in the Anadolu Kavagi neighborhood of Beykoz district in Istanbul. The area where the castle would be built was used by Greeks and Phoenicians in the ancient times. They had some settlements there that they utilized for commercial reasons as well as martial ones.

The castle was built during the Byzantine period. There were many wars going on between Ottomans, Byzantines and Genoese over the ownership of the castle. Ottomans conquered the castle in the very beginning of the 14th century. But not long after this, Byzantines managed to take the castle back.

Towards the end of the 14th century, Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I was getting ready to besiege Constantinople. As a part of those preprations, he took the castle back from Byzantines. Even though Byzantines tried to take the castle back, they failed to achieve that. During their failed attempt of taking the castle back, the neighborhood where the castle stands got so much damage.

Ottomans managed to hold the castle for 23 years until Genoese took the castle from them in 1414. Genoese had the castle for forty years after that. So it is also known as the Genoese Castle. After the conquest of the Constantinople, Ottomans dismissed the Genoese from the area.

Then, Sultan Mehmed II made some changes in the castle. Also, a mosque was built in the castle by Bayezid II. Today the castle is a place where tourists can visit and see.

Importance of the Yoros Castle

The ruins of religious places have been found in the area and it is thought that these religious places are built for the sake of ancient Greek gods such as Zeus. Also, Greeks used to talk about this area as Hieron which means sacred place. So we can say that it was an important area for them.

As we have mentioned it previously, many empires such as the Byzantines, Ottomans and Genoese fought to have this castle. So we can say that it must have been quite important to have the ownership of the castle back then.

After Sultan Bayezid I managed to take the castle, the castle have been quite helpful during the building process of Anadolu Hisari. Then, Anadolu Hisari played a huge role during the conquest of Constantinople.

Also, as an additional information, the construction area of the castle is the largest one in Istanbul compared to other castles.

How to Get to the Yoros Castle and the Entrance Fee

You can get to the Yoros Castle using the 15A IETT bus. There isn’t an entrance fee that you need to pay to see the castle. You can visit the castle every day of the week from 9.30 AM till 10 PM.

Other Attractions in the Area

Yoros Castle: Learn About This Wonderful 700-Year-Old Castle in Istanbul 5

  • Yoros Cafe & Restaurant: The first place you need to see while you are visiting the Yoros Castle is Yoros Cafe & Restaurant. This cafe is very close to the castle and it has an amazing Bosphorus view. You can have breakfast and try delicious seafood in this Istanbul cafe. The cafe is open from 9 AM till 11 PM every day of the week.
  • Last Stop Gift Shop: If you want to buy souvenirs to your loved ones from your visit, there is a place you can do that quite close to the location of the castle. In the Last Stop gift shop, there can be amazing gifts you can buy for your friends and family. The gift shop is open every day of the week from 9 AM till 12 AM.
  • Anadolu Kavagi: An area that is close to the Yoros Castle is Anadolu Kavagi. If you love to spend some relaxing time in a cozy place, you can take a walk around in here. Also, here in this place you can find many seafood restaurants with beautiful views as well as some other historical places that you can take a look at.