Have you been looking for some Turkish foods for dinner that you can try? On this blog post we are going to talk about some of the awesome examples. Turkish cuisine is full of tasty foods that can absolutely be worth trying. There are soups, meat dishes, vegetable dishes and many more to explore… You can check out this post to learn about some amazing options.

Here are Some of the Turkish Foods for Dinner

There are many wonderful Turkish foods for dinner to try out. On this post we will discuss some of them, such as karniyarik, manti and borek. Whether you are looking for a nice vegetarian option or something delicious with meat, Turkish cuisine can offer many choices. If you are ready to check out the nice dishes we will talk about, let’s start!

Turkish Soups

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If you are a fan of soups and looking for Turkish dishes for dinner, there can be numerous soup options to try for this. Because there are lots of different Turkish soups that you can enjoy for dinner. For example, options such as Turkish style lentil soup and ezogelin soup can be worth checking out. And if you are feeling courageous, you can also check out choices like tripe soup, too.


In case you are looking for Turkish foods for dinner, one of the nice choices for this can be karniyarik. For this dish, you will need ingredients such as eggplants, ground beef, onion etc… It can be a good idea to serve karniyarik with rice and yogurt, as they can be an awesome combination.


Do you want to try some Turkish foods for dinner? In this area, manti can definitely be an amazing option to check out. Basically, it is a type of dumplings served with yogurt and tomato paste sauce and it is a delicious food.


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In Turkish cuisine, there are lots of different börek options. Whether you are looking for a börek with cheese, meat or with spinach, there is an option for this in Turkish cuisine. In order to make börek, along with other ingredients, you will need phyllo dough, which can be bought or made at home. However, if you don’t have experience with it, it can be difficult to make phyllo dough yourself.

Chicken Sautee

There are lots of tasty dishes in Turkish cuisine that contain chicken. If you want to have a Turkish dish with chicken for dinner, Turkish style chicken sautee can certainly be a nice option to consider. This awesome dish can be prepared by following just a few simple steps and for making this dish, you will need ingredients like chicken breast, tomato paste, onion, spices, cooking oil and some others…


There are many awesome Turkish foods made primarily with vegetables. Also, there are lots of amazing food options with meat in this cuisine and alinazik is among those. In case you want to prepare this delicious dish, you are going to need ingredients such as meat, butter, eggplants, yogurt and so on…

Sarma and Dolma

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There are lots of different sarma and dolma versions. For sarma, popular choices include the ones made with grape leaves and white cabbage. If you are planning to make dolma, you can use ingredients such as bell peppers, artichokes, dried eggplants, potatoes and even quinces. So when it comes to sarma and dolma, there are many different varieties.

Kuru Fasülye (Turkish Style White Beans)

Looking for Turkish foods for dinner? In case you are trying to find a nice vegetarian option, this one can be great. Basically, this dish is Turkish style white beans, and it can be prepared with only a few ingredients. Also, if you want to add some animal protein to this dish, it can be made with meat, too.

Turkish Foods for Dinner Final Words

Regardless of whether you are looking for something nice to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Turkish cuisine can have many options to consider. On this blog post we have talked about some of the tasty Turkish foods for dinner, such as alinazik, chicken sautee, sarma and dolma. Aside from these, you can find many others with a little bit of research and decide if you want to try one!