If you have ever thought about visiting Istanbul, you should follow your instinct and come to this city. Because there is a lot of things to do in Istanbul and this city has a lot to offer all types of visitors. For example, if you are a history lover you are going to have a great time here. Since there are many historical sights to explore such as Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia, you will surely enjoy your visit. Moreover you can spend a lot of time enjoying the delicious street food in Istanbul. However, one of the main things that attract people to this city is its vibrant social scene. The nightlife in Istanbul is very lively and enjoyable. Here on this post we are going to talk about some good bars and clubs. You can go to these places on your next visit and have some great time.

    Enjoy Istanbul Nightlife And Some Great Live Music In Babylon Bomonti

    One of the best places to witness the great nightlife in Istanbul is Babylon Bomonti. Here you can enjoy some drinks with friends and listen to live music. Since the concert hall is quite big, you won’t feel stuck between other visitors. Located in Sisli, it is close to many other places where you can eat and drink.

    Get Some Drinks And Dance To The Rhythm In Ritim

    If you are looking to truly experience the lively nightlife of Istanbul, Ritim is the place to be. The whole place has four floors as well as a terrace, so it is quite large. And in this place you can enjoy delicious cocktails and some great food. Moreover, DJs here play some really good music as well. Ritim is in Beyoglu and it is open from 10 AM to 4 AM.

    Experience A Different Side Of Istanbul Nightlife With Nardis Jazz Club

    Nightlife doesn’t have to be all about loud music and dancing. Here in Nardis Jazz Club, you can enjoy jazz music in a cozy atmosphere. While listening to relaxing music, you can also enjoy some drinks as well. You can buy seats online and go there by using metro. The place is in Beyoğlu and is open from 8.30 PM to 12.30 AM everyday except for Sundays.

    Have A Taste Of Good Drinks And The Nightlife Of Istanbul At James Joyce Irish Pub

    Another really good place in Beyoğlu for enjoying a couple of drinks is James Joyce Irish Pub. Here you can have a nice glass of beer while watching sports on TV. Besides, the food here is great so you won’t do that with an empty stomach. The pub is open everyday from 12 PM to 2 AM.

    You Can Enjoy Some Great Live Music While Experiencing The Nightlife Of Istanbul In Jolly Joker

    Just like in Babylon Bomonti, Jolly Joker Balans is another place for great live music in Istanbul. The club is open 24 hours but the live performances usually start around 10.30 PM. Also, you can have some good drinks and food while listening to the lively music in this amazing place.

    Experience The Wild Side Of Istanbul Nightlife In Jungle 8

    This place gets lots of attention mainly due to its atmosphere which makes the place look like a jungle. Located in Besiktas, the club is easily accessible by many methods of transportation in Istanbul. It is open from 10 PM to 3 AM on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays.

    Take A Look At Pixie If You Love To Dance

    Another incredible place to experience the nightlife of Istanbul is Pixie, which is in Beyoğlu. They have incredible music there played by great DJs. If you love music and dance, you can enjoy this high energy place which is open from 7 PM to 4 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

    Have A Taste Of New And Interesting Cocktails In Moretenders’ Cocktail Crib

    Do you love drinking with a group of friends and experimenting with new cocktails? Then, Moretenders’ Cocktail Crib is definitely a place you should visit in Istanbul. This cozy place is open from 1 PM to 1.30 AM, however, the open hours can vary on different days.

    Eat Great Food And Have An Incredible Experience In Sortie Club & Dining

    The last place on our list, Sortie, is a must-visit for those who like great food, drinks and music. Sortie is open everyday from 6 PM to 4 AM. So, it is a great place to get a taste of the nightlife in Istanbul.

    Note: The images in this blog post are stock photos and they are not from the actual places.


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