Do you want to enjoy some Turkish food for new year celebrations? If that is the case, you may want to keep reading and take a look at the examples that we mention on this blog post. New Year’s Eve is a day that is celebrated by many people in Turkey. And if you want to try some Turkish food on this day, you can consider the options that we have on this list.

Here are Some of the Turkish Food for New Year Celebrations

Most people in Turkey don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, and some people may even confuse the New Year’s Eve with Christmas and Thanksgiving. So some Christmas and Thanksgiving traditions like eating turkey and decorating a tree are carried out in Turkey on the New Year’s Eve. There are many options in terms of Turkish food for new year celebrations and you can find some on this list, like chicken dishes, pumpkin dishes and many others…

Chicken Dishes

For New Year’s Eve celebrations, you can consider trying out some Turkish dishes with chicken, such as Turkish style chicken stew and chicken kebab. Also another nice food option for new year celebrations can be roasted chicken.

Turkey Dishes

As we have stated on this blog post, some people in Turkey confuse the New Year’s Eve with Thanksgiving, and some Thanksgiving traditions are carried out on this day. One of these is eating roasted turkey, and you can also consider turkey kebab, too.

Pumpkin Dishes and Desserts

While pumpkins are quite popular during autumn, they are also consumed by many during winter as well. If you are looking for Turkish foods to eat on the New Year’s Eve, there can be numerous options that contain pumpkin, like Turkish style pumpkin dessert and kabaklama.

Mezes and Snacks

Turkish Food for New Year Celebrations: 8 Amazing Options 4

One of the popular activities in Turkey that many people do on the New Year’s Eve is going out and having fun, which may include drinking alcohol. When drinking alcohol, various mezes and snacks can be eaten. These may include things such as tarator, babagannuş, fava, haydari and so on… Also, there are many other Turkish meze options like midye dolma and çiğ köfte as well. In terms of snacks, Turkish delight can be a nice option, which is a quite well-known Turkish snack.

Sarma and Dolma

There are lots of options when it comes to Turkish food for new year celebrations. Some of these are options that contain chicken, meat, etc. While those can be awesome options, you may be looking for a vegetarian food option. While some sarma and dolma may contain meat, they can be made without meat, too. On the New Year’s Eve, sarma and dolma can be among the Turkish foods that you may try.

Variety of Pilav Choices

In Turkish cuisine, there are a variety of rice dishes that can be worth trying. Plain Turkish style rice is a common one, and there are more complex versions such as hamsili pilav, perde pilavı, iç pilav and many others. In case you are looking for Turkish food for new year celebrations, you may want to take a look at Turkish style rice dishes and check out if there is any that attract your interest. There are lots of delicious rice dishes in this cuisine and they can be worth considering.

Baked Pasta

While it can be argued whether we can consider baked pasta to be a traditional Turkish food or not, it can be a nice food choice for New Year’s Eve, if you like pasta. There are some recipes online with different choices from a variety of cuisines and you can use your creativity and play around to hopefully make something delicious.

Meat Dishes and Kebabs

Turkish Food for New Year Celebrations: 8 Amazing Options 5

When it comes to Turkish cuisine, kebabs can be among the foods that many people start thinking about. Kebabs are an important type of food in Turkish cuisine. If you are looking for Turkish food for new year celebrations, there are many options with meat, like güveçte et, döner and hünkar beğendi.

Turkish Food for New Year Celebrations Final Words

Have you been trying to find Turkish food for new year celebrations? On this blog post we mentioned some options and hopefully you liked our list. Also, you can keep exploring in order to find other choices…