Many people say that Istanbul is one the most beautiful cities in the world. There may be lots of reasons behind that. For example, while some people may find the culture of Istanbul fascinating, others may love this city for its nightlife. But whatever you love the most about this city, it sure has some great streets. If you have been thinking about visiting Istanbul, you should not leave without seeing at least some of the streets on this list. Because you can spend an amazing time walking in these streets with your loved ones or even alone. You can shop, eat or take some aesthetic photos and do so many more things in these beautiful streets. So in this Istanbul street guide, you can learn about the best streets in this city. Let’s see what and where these streets are and more.

Vodina Street

The first street on our list is a very authentic one with its historic houses. Vodina Street, which is in Balat quarter of Fatih district, is perfect for taking photos. If you ever decide to go to this street, you should definitely see the famous Agora Tavern. Besides, there are amazing antique shops where you can buy souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones.

Istiklal Street

Istiklal Street in Beyoglu district of Istanbul is actually a very famous street among both tourists and locals. You can find some amazing Istanbul restaurants in this street where you can try some great food. If you go to Istiklal street, you should not leave without seeing Taksim Square and Galata Tower since they are pretty close.

Bademalti Street

Are you looking for a coffee shop in Istanbul to have your morning coffee and spend some chill time? If your answer is yes, you should definitely visit Bademalti Street in Kadikoy district. Because this street has amazing Istanbul cafes where you can drink delicious coffee. In fact, there is even a Breaking Bad themed coffee shop called Walter’s Coffee Roastery. Also, you can have an amazing breakfast in En Moda Cafe.

Istanbul Bagdat Street

Just like Bademalti Street, Bagdat Street is also in Kadikoy district of Istanbul. For many people, shopping is a huge part of their vacations. So if you are on a shopping spree in Istanbul, Bagdat Street is just for you! Because this street has pretty much every store you can think of. You can easily find brands such as Chanel, Nike and Zara here. Moreover, you can discover some Turkish brands too.

French Street

French Street, which is in Beyoglu district, is one of the most distinctive streets of Istanbul. In fact, you may feel like you are in the streets of Paris in here. Also, you may have heard this place as Cezayir Street too. What is most outstanding about French Street is definitely its cafes. Because these cafes are what give this amazing street its breathtaking view. While you are there, you can visit “Mahzen Sarap Evi” and drink quality and delicious wine.

Iskele Istanbul Street

Another very beautiful street in Kadikoy district is Iskele Street. Also, you may hear locals calling this this place “Bar Street” too. Because there are so many bars and cafes in here where you can have some drinks. If you are planning a night out on your vacation with your friends, coming to Iskele Street can be a good option for you. Because this place is very lively at night time too.

Istanbul Abdi Ipekci Street

If you are looking for world wide famous brands to shop in Istanbul, you can take a look at Abdi Ipekci Street, which is also in Kadikoy district. Because this street is famous for hosting many shops of luxury brands. Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hugo Boss are only a few of the many luxury shops in the street. Also, there is a restaurant of the famous Saltbae here, where you can have delicious meat.

Istanbul Perihan Abla Street

Perihan Abla Street is a quite famous street in Uskudar district of Istanbul. This fame comes from the nostalgic vibe of the street. In fact, many Turkish TV series were filmed in this street. Also, it can be a good spot for a photoshoot too since it has many colorful houses and aesthetic places.