Turkish cuisine is full of tasty foods that can absolutely be worth trying! One of the important ingredients used in a variety of recipes from the Turkish cuisine is rice. There are lots of amazing Turkish rice dishes that you may want to check out.

On this blog post, we are going to share 9 delicious suggestions in this topic. After checking out these totally awesome options, you can try making them at home. Then you can hopefully understand why these dishes are so amazing.

Also, considering that many of these Turkish rice dishes function as sides, you can try to find another good Turkish food to go with them. Combining what you have found, you can have a wonderful feast that can offer an authentic Turkish food experience. Now without further ado, let’s begin our exploration!

What are Some of the Turkish Rice Dishes to Try?

Delicious Turkish Rice Dishes: 9 Amazing Options 4

As we have stated in the beginning of this blog post, there are lots of wonderful foods in the Turkish cuisine that can be worth trying. When exploring Turkish cuisine thoroughly, you can easily come across many different rice dishes.

Rice is an important ingredient in the Turkish cuisine and there are lots of tasty Turkish rice dishes. For example, Turkish rice with orzo is a popular option, as well as the classic Turkish style rice. In addition, there are soup options like chicken soup with rice and yayla soup. Moreover, dishes like Turkish vegetable rice, sarma, dolma and Turkish style leeks with rice can be worth trying, too. And if you are in the mood for a dessert, a great choice can be Turkish rice pudding.

We will discuss these delicious dishes shortly on this blog post. After checking out our suggestions, you can take a look at recipes for these foods online and try making them. But make sure to follow an authentic recipe and try to cook these dishes properly. Then when you taste these delicious Turkish rice dishes, you can hopefully understand why they are so wonderful… If you are ready, let’s begin talking about these foods.

Classic Turkish Style Rice

This is one of the most popular Turkish rice dishes, if not the most popular. It is basically plain rice made in a traditional way.

Turkish Rice Pudding

In case you are in the mood for a dessert, Turkish rice pudding can be an awesome choice that can certainly be worth trying.

Turkish Rice with Orzo

Another one of the popular Turkish rice dishes is Turkish rice with orzo.

Chicken Soup with Rice

Are you looking for a delicious soup with rice in it? If so, consider trying Turkish style chicken soup with rice.

Turkish Vegetable Rice

Delicious Turkish Rice Dishes: 9 Amazing Options 5

A nice way to make rice more exciting can be to add vegetables in it and this dish is a great example of this.

Yayla Soup

Another delicious option among Turkish rice dishes is yayla çorbası, which is a type of soup.

Sarma and Dolma

These are popular dishes from Turkish cuisine with rice in them.

Turkish Style Leeks with Rice

Even if you don’t like leeks, consider trying this dish and see if your opinion changes.

Kabune Pilavı

Here’s a regional rice dish from Turkey: kabune pilavı, which is a version rice of with meat and chickpeas.

Turkish Rice Dishes Final Words

Delicious Turkish Rice Dishes: 9 Amazing Options 6

There are numerous important ingredients in the Turkish cuisine. Some of these are eggplant, traditional tomato paste, yogurt, various nuts like walnuts and pistachios, bell peppers and so on… In addition to these, rice is one of the significant ingredients in this cuisine.

While rice is an ingredient with a fairly plain taste, there are many ways to make it more exciting. Along with the classic Turkish rice, which is a very popular choice, there are lots of different Turkish rice dishes.

Some of these dishes can be used as a side, while some of them can be a meal on its own, especially for lunch. On this post, we have discussed many different choices in this area, such as kabune pilavı, yayla soup, Turkish rice with orzo and Turkish rice pudding. You can check out these amazing options, pick one, try it and see if you like it…