Do you envision walking the crowded streets of Istanbul, taking in its many sights and sounds to better understand its history and culture? Well, now you can, for we have compiled a 7-day travel itinerary perfectly suited for the people looking to enjoy the best of Istanbul. Istanbul is a magnificent city combining a rich historical past with a vibrant modern metropolis that is bound to take your breath away. Furthermore, do not worry about the general safety when traveling; Istanbul is proud to be a town where tourists are always safe and secure from most types of harm. Therefore, make sure to follow our itinerary to fully experience everything İstanbul has to offer.

The First Day of Istanbul Travel Itinerary: Explore the Old City

Istanbul Travel Itinerary: An Amazing 7-Day Trip Plan 4

Istanbul is a city, replete with cultural and historical landmarks, so your first day should be spent exploring the old city. Of course, Istanbul safety is something to keep in mind. However, this city is a generally safe place to visit; it is known for its friendly locals and warm hospitality. Therefore, you should not worry about your personal safety.

Begin your the first day of your Istanbul travel itinerary by visiting Hagia Sophia – the building has a rich history, having been both a church and a mosque and is now a museum. The architecture of Hagia Sophia is a testament to multicultural Istanbul and the mosaics are a sight to behold.

Next, visit the Blue Mosque with its blue tiles and imposing dome. As the mosque is an active place of worship, dress modestly and respect the congregants. Just walk around the building and enjoy the ancient, peaceful atmosphere. Stroll along the world-famous Grand Bazaar; be prepared to get lost in the narrow lanes and find numerous shops full of Turkish delights. This is an area prone to pickpocketing; therefore, make sure to keep an eye on the bag or purse.

Finish your day by visiting Topkapi Palace, a grand sultan’s residence. You will enjoy wandering through the opulent rooms, elegant gardens and a museum with a vast collection of art and artifacts. Do not forget to visit the Harem, where the Sultan and his family spent most of their lives. Spend your day in the old city, enjoying its culture and history and leaving it to continue Istanbul travel itinerary by exploring the rest of Istanbul the next day.

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Istanbul Travel Itinerary Day #2: Turkish Breakfast and More Sightseeing

Istanbul Travel Itinerary: An Amazing 7-Day Trip Plan 5

Istanbul, one of the world’s most vibrant cultural and historical centers, attracts visitors from every corner of the world. As you start to explore Day #2 on your list of Istanbul travel itinenary, get ready to experience a traditional Turkish breakfast and see more of the city’s stunning landmarks.

Before you start the day, indulge yourself with a great variety of foods that are part of a traditional Turkish breakfast. From the freshly baked simit (sesame-covered bread) to various types of cheeses, olives, preserves – you will enjoy them all. Sip on your glass of Turkish tea or a cup of strong Turkish coffee and you are ready to head of for another adventure.

After breakfast, visit Hagia Sophia, one of Istanbul’s most iconic symbols since its construction. Once a Byzantine church, then an Ottoman mosque and now a mosque – this architectural masterpiece is a museum. Admire beautiful mosaics, the massive dome and the stories spread over the walls of this fascinating building. Then, visit the Blue Mosque, officially known as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, in the middle of action – Sultanahmet. The spectacular mosque with cascading domes and six minarets lines is just one of the city’s examples of spectacular architecture. Take off your shoes, cover your shoulders and admire the serene beauty of the sacred place.

Continue your trip with a relaxing walk along the Bosphorus Strait. Enjoy the breathtaking views of old palaces, mosques and modern high-rises. Take a short ferry trip to the Asian side of this neighborhood to enjoy a different vibe of the city and taste some delicious street food.

Therefore, make an experience of your life on your second day in Istanbul by having a traditional Turkish breakfast, exploring stunning landmarks and experiencing the livelyhood of the city. It is an unmatched blend of the historical, the cultural and the innovative for your Istanbul travel itinerary.

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Day #3: Taste More Delicious Foods and Drinks

Istanbul Travel Itinerary: An Amazing 7-Day Trip Plan 6

Finally, on day three of our journey in Istanbul, we set out on a culinary voyage, the likes of which have undoubtedly never been tasted. Istanbul, a metropolis renowned for its food, is teeming with delectable foods and beverages. Turkish and foreign specialties serve as a feast for our senses.

As we roam the lively Istanbul streets, my friends and I encounter street vendors selling various delisheticake eties such as simit, Döner kebab and gözleme . The scent is overpowering, compelling us to devour the hues with eager relish. I savor and bask in the vicinity of the distinct tastes that set my taste buds alight.

Furthermore, Istanbul travel itinerary is also a journey to a gourmet haven. There is an abundance of appropriate restaurants and cafes. Meze, a traditional Turkish dish, contains several foods such as creamy Hummus, sour tabbouleh and well-cooked, unctuous meats. The colors are so varied and the tastes so diverse, reflecting Istanbul’s fusion cuisine. Istanbul is also known for its coffee.

We chill in the sun at a cafe while drinking Turkish espresso or appreciate a traditional Turkish tea ephemeral and fluffy. The restaurant’s hot ambiance and the savory stench are conducive to calming down.

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Activity for Day #4: Check Out the Hidden Gems of Istanbul

Istanbul Travel Itinerary: An Amazing 7-Day Trip Plan 7

If you are coming to Istanbul and want to see something more than the tourist-packed streets and well-recognized attractions, then Day #4 is all about the hidden treasures of this big city. A place with a rich history and marvelous architecture, Istanbul offers much more than some of the most famous sights and spots. Hidden neighborhoods and charming cafes, Istanbul’s hidden gems are awaiting.

One of the best ways to explore the hidden and less-known Istanbul is by discovering its neighborhoods. Kadikoy, a hip area of the Asian part of the city, offers plenty of trendy and fashion shops, local markets with spices and street food. Wander through Balat and its magnificent colorful old houses and tiny streets, take a visit to Moda – a quiet and peaceful district where you can enjoy a sea view and drink a cup of Turkish coffee.

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Day #5: How About a Day Trip?

Istanbul Travel Itinerary: An Amazing 7-Day Trip Plan 8

Istanbul is a bustling metropolis straddling Europe and Asia and a great place to live and an excellent starting point for a day trip. So, if you’re an expat living in Istanbul or considering moving there, you should pick a day in this city with plentiful excitement and adventure. The most significant advantage of Istanbul for an traveler is its suitability for a quick ride. These few hours from the city contain every single thing to do or see, from ancient structures to natural magnificence.

For instance, want to see the Roman ruins you have heard about? Visit Ephesus. A fan of natural science? Plan your trip to one of the golden beaches or you can visit the Edirne town between the Thracian plaque and the Byzantine city, distinguished for its mosque and Ottoman heritage.

Istanbul isn’t only the connection to Turkish history but also to its fame and attractiveness. The Princes’ Islands have a silent, peaceful atmosphere away from Istanbul’s hustle and bustle, ideal for a daily visit. Impressive Natural Spectacles. Otherwise, you might visit the Black Sea seashore or dive into the harsh mountains on the border.

In summary, Istanbul is a lovely place to live travelers and expats and the possibility of local travel only increases its appeal. In any part, from ancient facts to nature and modifying landscape, Istanbul has it all. So pack your bags and head out to spend a fantastic day trip from the throbbing center of Istanbul. The sixth day of your Istanbul travel itinerary was mainly comprised of exploring the dynamic neighborhood and immersed in the local way of life. A city that shares the map center with Asia and Europe, Istanbul travel itinerary is a journey to excellence.

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The 6th Day of Our Istanbul Travel Itinerary

Istanbul Travel Itinerary: An Amazing 7-Day Trip Plan 9

The sixth day of our Istanbul travel itinerary was dedicated to exploring the city’s vibrant neighborhoods and experiencing the local lifestyle.

Istanbul, with its unique blend of European and Middle Eastern cultures, beckons expats from around the world. The people are drawn to the city’s rich history, magnificent architecture, and warm hospitality. The vibrant cityscape, dynamic arts and culture scene and the tantalizing cuisine make Istanbul an irresistible destination for those seeking a new adventure.

One of the key factors that make Istanbul an appealing place for everyone to live is the city’s strategic location. Situated on the cusp of Europe and Asia, Istanbul offers easy access to both continents, making it an ideal base for travel and business opportunities. The city boasts a modern infrastructure, excellent healthcare facilities and a growing economy, creating a favorable environment for the people looking to establish themselves in a new city.

Despite its allure, it’s important for people considering a move to Istanbul to navigate the bureaucratic challenges of obtaining residency permits. However, with the recent implementation of various initiatives to streamline the visa process, the ease of living and working in Istanbul has improved significantly. Moreover, the cost of living in Istanbul is relatively affordable compared to other major European cities, allowing EU citizens to enjoy a high standard of living without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, Istanbul captivates people with its dynamic atmosphere, multi-cultural heritage and abundant opportunities. While there may be bureaucratic hurdles to overcome, the city’s charm, strategic location and reasonable cost of living make it an appealing choice for those seeking a new home away from home. So, if you’re contemplating a move to Istanbul, don’t hesitate to take the plunge and embark on an exciting new chapter in this bustling metropolis.

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The Last Day of Our 7-Day Istanbul Travel Itinerary

Istanbul Travel Itinerary: An Amazing 7-Day Trip Plan 10

On the 7 th day, our Istanbul travel itinerary came to an end and although it was sad to leave this beautiful city, it was interesting to reflect on our feelings. Istanbul has made a great impression on us – the ancient city, rich architecture and delicious food are not discouraged.

While packing, you will think that Istanbul would be a great choice for you to live. Of course, Istanbul has a cosmopolitan reputation and it is a popular place among foreigners. Markets, nightlife and people fill Istiklal with energy 24 hours a day. For European citizens, living in Istanbul can be cheaper than in other across Europe.

The most important benefit is free healthcare. Turkey has a universal health insurance system for both the population and foreigners. Getting residence and signing in their health insurance is not difficult for people with global healthcare. Another advantage in Istanbul is the cultural spirit mixed with the settlers. Many westerners would like to live this diverse and multicultural culture. There you can really feel the atmosphere of unity.

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