If you are looking for a country to visit for your next vacation, considering Turkey as an option can be an awesome idea. There are many things to do in Turkey and exploring the local cuisine is certainly among them. Turkish cuisine is full of delicious foods and many of them can be worth trying. For instance, you may be interested in trying Turkish dishes with chicken and may be looking for some options in this area.

There are lots of tasty dishes that contain chicken in Turkish cuisine to talk about. On this post we will discuss some of these options. In case you are interested, you can keep reading to learn about the examples we have on this list.

Are You Trying to Find Turkish Dishes with Chicken? Here are Some of the Awesome Examples…

Chicken is found in many different foods, such as fried chicken and baked chicken. In Turkish cuisine there are many foods with chicken as well. If you are interested in this cuisine and want to learn about some foods with chicken in Turkish cuisine, you may be looking for Turkish dishes with chicken.

On this blog post we will mention many dishes with chicken in Turkish cuisine and talk about them briefly. For example, chicken kebab, Turkish style chicken stew and Turkish style rice with chicken are among the dishes that we will discuss. Now if you are ready to begin, let’s start talking about these foods!

Chicken Kebab Can be a Nice One to Try

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In Turkish cuisine there are many different kebab options and a lot of them contain meat. Also, there are chicken kebab options as well. When visiting Turkey you can try out chicken kebabs in a good place that serves it. They may contain different parts of chicken, as well as spices and salt, etc…

Another Delicious Turkish Food with Chicken is Chicken Doner

One of the popular street food options in Turkey is döner, which can often be made using beef and lamb meat. Aside from that, chicken döner is also available in many döner restaurants in Turkey, too. So if you are looking for Turkish dishes with chicken while visiting Turkey, this one can be another choice.

Looking for Turkish Dishes with Chicken? Another One is Turkish Style Chicken Stew

If you are trying to find Turkish dishes with chicken, another option for this can be this one. Turkish style chicken stew can be made using various ingredients and often contains chicken, potato, carrot, onion, tomato paste and so on… Also, it can be made by following some simple steps.

Turkish Style Rice with Chicken is a Simple Option

For those looking for a simple dish in Turkish cuisine that has chicken in it, Turkish style rice with chicken can be a nice one to try. However, this food can be a bit bland for some people. Regardless, if you want to try making this dish, you will need ingredients such as chicken breast, rice, butter and salt.

Especially During Colder Months of the Year, Turkish Style Chicken Soup Can Be Awesome

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Are you interested in trying Turkish dishes with chicken? If that is the case, one of the awesome options can be this one, especially during colder months. This dish is made with ingredients such as chicken thighs, cooking oil, yogurt, flour, garlic and so on… Also, as the process of making this soup is quite simple, it can be a nice dish to try.

Turkish Dishes with Chicken Final Words

Do you plan to visit Turkey? If that is the case, we should mention that one of the awesome things to do in this country can be to explore the Turkish cuisine. There are lots of amazing dishes in this cuisine, from main courses to snacks, desserts, drinks and more…

In case you like chicken and you want to explore this cuisine, you may be interested in learning about some of the examples of Turkish dishes with chicken. On this blog post, we have talked about various examples for this, such as chicken döner and Turkish style chicken soup. Also, besides these options there are many other Turkish foods that contain chicken and while exploring Turkish cuisine, you may come across some of them.