If you want to learn about some Turkish soups to try, you may want to keep reading this post. Because on this post we are going to be talking about some of the delicious and popular Turkish soups that can be worth trying. While some of them can be great as a starter, some of these soups can be a whole meal on their own.

Turkish cuisine offers a wide variety of food choices to enjoy. There are many Turkish mezes to try, along with lots of different main course options, as well as many tasty soups. On this post we are going to be discussing some of the amazing Turkish soups. If you are ready to learn about this topic, let’s begin!

What are Some of the Turkish Soups to Try?

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If you are considering visiting Turkey, you may be curious about the cuisine of this country and food options here. While some foods from Turkish cuisine such as kebabs and decadent dessert choices can be more attention-grabbing, Turkish soups can definitely be worth checking out, too.

In case you want to know about some Turkish soups to try, you can check out the options that we will share on this post. On this blog post we will talk about soup choices such as tarhana, kelle paça, ezogelin, lentil soup and many others. Now if you are ready to dive in, let’s begin checking out some delicious Turkish soup options.

Tarhana Soup is a Traditional and Popular Soup Choice in Turkey

One of the most popular Turkish soups to try is tarhana soup. This traditional soup contains ingredients like yogurt, flour, tomato and pepper, and aside from its freshly made version it is stored in powder form.

If You are Looking for Turkish Soups to Try, Kelle Paça Can Be an Amazing Choice

This soup is made with sheep or cow’s feet and head, but often small cattle meat is used for this. While that may sound unappetizing, it can taste delicious if prepared right.

Ezogelin Soup Can Be a Wonderful Turkish Soup to Check Out

Another one of the delicious Turkish soups to try can be ezogelin soup, which is made from ingredients such as rice, tomato and lentils. If you want a tasty and savory Turkish soup, this one can be amazing.

Not for the Faint-Hearted: Tripe Soup

If you are feeling a bit adventurous, tripe soup can be another Turkish soup to check out. For this one, proper preparation can be crucial.

One of the Turkish Soups to Try Can Be Lentil Soup

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If you want something plain and humble, traditional lentil soup can be worth trying. This soup can be a nice option as a starter.

Turkish Chicken Soup Can Be Awesome for a Cold Winter Day

For a cold winter day, traditional chicken soup can be a great Turkish soup option to try. This soup often contains ingredients like chicken, garlic, onion, broth, parsley and short-cut vermicelli.

Traditional Collard Greens Soup from the Black Sea Region

There are many delicious dishes traditionally made in the Black Sea region of Turkey and this soup is one of them. Traditional collard greens soup can be especially good when paired with corn bread and pan-fried green bean pickles.

Another Popular Soup Option in Turkey is Yayla Soup

Prepared with ingredients such as yogurt, rice, chickpeas and dry mint, this soup can be a great option to have during warmer months. It can be a tasty way to start a nice meal.

Beyran Soup Can Be a Tasty Soup to Try

Lastly, another one of the Turkish soups to try can be beyran, which is a soup that is made with ingredients like lamb meat and rice.

Turkish Soups to Try Final Words

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When it comes to exploring a country’s cuisine, soups can be worth trying. In Turkish cuisine there are lots of different delicious soup options. For example, we talked about various soups like tripe soup, beyran, traditional chicken soup and so on…

On your next visit to Turkey, you can consider trying out some of the delicious soup options that we mentioned on this post. Or if you don’t plan to go to Turkey soon, preparing these soups at home can be another choice to consider.