Are you planning to visit Turkey? If so, one of the things to do in this country can be exploring the local cuisine. So you may be wanting to learn about some examples regarding Turkish traditional foods. There are lots of choices for this and on this post you can find some of the nice options.

What are Some of the Turkish Traditional Foods to Know About?

There are lots of amazing foods in the Turkish cuisine. If you want to learn about some of the Turkish traditional foods, you can take a look at the examples we will talk about on this post. On this blog post, we will mention foods like sarma, dolma, manti, baklava and many others. In case you are ready to check out some traditional Turkish food examples, keep reading!

Sarma and Dolma

If you are looking for Turkish traditional foods, one of the choices to mention for this can be sarma. In fact, in another post on IstanbulJoy, we have shared a sarma recipe and you may try that if you want. Also, there are a variety of dolma choices that can be worth knowing about, as well.


When talking about Turkish cuisine, many people may think about popular Turkish foods like baklava. Baklava is one of the delicious and well known Turkish desserts and it can be an awesome choice to try. But for some people, this dessert can be a bit too sweet.


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Are you looking for a delicious traditional food option from Turkish cuisine? Among other choices, another example for that can be manti, which is basically a dumpling type with meat filling. Manti is often served with yogurt and tomato paste sauce.

Güveçte Yahni

In Turkish cuisine, one of the equipments that can be used for a variety of foods is güveç, which is a type of pot. Güveçte yahni is a traditional Turkish food that contains meat, as well as a variety of vegetables. If you are looking for Turkish traditional foods, you can consider trying this Turkish style meat stew in güveç.


There are lots of different foods made with eggplant in Turkish cuisine. If eggplant is an ingredient that you like, there can be many different choices in Turkish cuisine to try. One of these options is karniyarik, which is made with ingredients such as eggplant, tomato, onion, ground beef, olive oil and so on…


If you have begun exploring the Turkish cuisine, you may have come across this popular food option. Lahmacun is among the Turkish traditional dishes that can surely be worth checking out. It is basically a thin flatbread with a mixture that is usually made with meat, onion and various other ingredients spread on it. This dish is also known by some people as Turkish pizza.

Turkish Delight

Another one of the traditional Turkish desserts is Turkish delight, which is a fairly well known snack option in Turkish cuisine. It is prepared with ingredients like sugar and starch. Aside from the basic version of Turkish delight, there are many other versions of this snack/dessert, as well.


When it comes to kebabs, there are lots of different examples that we can mention. For example, İskender kebab, beyti kebab, Adana kebab, Urfa kebab and chicken kebab are among the different kebab options. If you are looking for Turkish traditional foods, kebabs can certainly be worth considering.

Turkish Ice Cream

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Have you ever seen videos of Turkish ice cream sellers doing tricks to entertain, or sometimes frustrate, customers? In Turkey, you can find ice cream sellers like this and try to catch the ice cream from them. Also, aside from this entertainment aspect, the taste of traditional Turkish ice cream can be amazing and it can certainly be worth checking out.

Turkish Traditional Foods Final Words

Have you been curious to learn about some of the Turkish traditional foods? On this blog post we have talked about many examples in this area, from Turkish ice cream to kebabs and lahmacun. We hope that you have found some choices on this list that you find interesting or worth trying. When you are visiting Turkey, exploring the local cuisine can be a nice activity and you may get to taste many delicious foods this way.