If you are after a nice travel experience, there can be lots of reasons to visit Istanbul. It is a beautiful city that millions of tourists visit and there are numerous activities to do in this place. One of the things that visitors can do in this city is checking out Istanbul famous landmarks and enjoying a wonderful sightseeing experience.

In case you are planning to go to Istanbul, you may be curious about the famous landmarks in this city. On this blog post you can find some examples to this and see if we talk about a place on our list that you find interesting…

What are Some of the Istanbul Famous Landmarks to Check Out?

One of the most visited cities in the world is Istanbul and this is certainly not without good reasons. In Istanbul, there are lots of fun activities that tourists can do, such as checking out the famous landmarks of the city.

Some of the famous landmarks in Istanbul include well-known places such as Hagia Sophia, Maiden’s Tower and Basilica Cistern. On this blog post we will talk about these places, along with many others… So, now if you are ready to begin, let’s start discussing 12 of the Istanbul famous landmarks that can be worth knowing about!

1. Hagia Sophia is Among the Famous Landmarks in Istanbul

When it comes to Istanbul famous landmarks, we must definitely mention Hagia Sophia, as it is one of the most well-known places in this city. Built in the 6th century by Eastern Romans, Hagia Sophia used to be a Byzantine church, until it was turned into a mosque after the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottomans in 1453. After being used for centuries as a mosque, it was turned into a museum in 1935 and recently it was turned back into a mosque again and it is currently used as a mosque.

2. Looking for Istanbul Famous Landmarks? You May Want to Know About Maiden’s Tower

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Aside from Hagia Sophia, another one of the most famous places in Istanbul is Maiden’s Tower. So when discussing Istanbul famous landmarks, it is another place that we should certainly talk about. Just like Hagia Sophia, the history of this place goes back to the Byzantine times, as well. This place was first built during the 12th century but the original tower turned to a wreck after an earthquake in early 16th century. The building of the current tower was finished in 1725. Throughout its history, the Maiden’s Tower was used as a quarantine area, lighthouse and custom station.

3. Basilica Cistern is a Well-Known Place in Istanbul

If you are planning to go to Istanbul, another one of the famous places to check out in this city can be Basilica Cistern. As you may probably guess from its name, this historical place was used as a cistern during the ancient times. It was built in the 5th century by the Eastern Romans. After conquering the city in 15th century, Ottomans kept using the structure for supplying water for Topkapi Palace. As it is a place that is thought to be able to keep 80000 cubic meters of water, it is a massive structure. Along with being huge, Basilica Cistern is also a beautiful place to visit.

If shopping is one of the activities that you like, Istanbul can be an awesome city to visit for you. Because in this big city, there are lots of great shopping malls, as well as numerous historical bazaars. The most well-known one among those historical bazaars in Istanbul is the Grand Bazaar, which is located in the Fatih district. This place has a wonderful historical vibe and there are many things to buy in this bazaar, from souvenirs to spices, Turkish delight and many other products…

5. The Blue Mosque is Another Prominent Landmark in Istanbul

When talking about Istanbul’s famous landmarks, we can discuss many different mosques, as there are numerous historical mosques in this city that are beautiful and majestic buildings. While many people know this place as the Blue Mosque, its actual name is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. The architect of this mosque was Sedefkar Mehmed Agha and the building of this place was started in 1609, finishing in 1617. Today, this huge historical structure with 6 minarets is still used as a mosque.

6. For Those Looking for Istanbul Famous Landmarks, Topkapi Palace Can Be an Awesome Choice

In Istanbul, there is certainly an abundance of historical mosques. And this abundance can be seen with historical palaces as well. One of the palaces in Istanbul is Topkapi Palace, which functions as a museum today. Its building began in 1460 and its usage started in 1465. For many centuries, Topkapi Palace was used as the administrative area in the city, the place where the sultan lived in and ruled from. If you plan to go to Istanbul, one of the places to visit in this city can be this one.

7. Let’s not Forget to Mention Galata Tower

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One of the most iconic places in Istanbul is Galata Tower. It is a fairly well-known place and a very remarkable one. Just like many of the other places that we have talked about on this blog post, Galata Tower has a long history. This tower was built in 1348 in Galata and during the time of its construction, the area was part of the Genoese colonies. Through its history, the tower served functions such as a watchtower, prison and fire tower… Now it functions as a museum.

8. Rumeli Fortress is Another Famous Place in Istanbul

For history lovers who are visiting Istanbul, another one of the awesome places to visit in this city can be Rumeli Fortress, which is a historical fortress which functions as a museum now. This historical spot is located in the Sariyer district and it was built in the 15th century, while the Ottomans were planning to conquer Constantinople. With this structure, it was aimed to interrupt potential help towards Constantinople during the siege.

9. Another One of the Istanbul Famous Landmarks to Mention Can Be Dolmabahçe Palace

As we have already mentioned, there is an abundance of palaces in Istanbul. One of the examples of this is Dolmabahçe Palace and this palace is a fairly famous one. The construction of this palace started in 1843 with the order of Abdülmecid I. Dolmabahçe Palace’s construction was finished 13 years later, in 1856. Many architects worked in the building of this palace and the palace was used for a relatively short time.

10. Trying to Find Istanbul Famous Landmarks? Let’s not Forget About Ortaköy Mosque

If you are trying to find Istanbul famous landmarks, another one to check out can be Ortaköy Mosque, which is one of the quite well-known mosques in Istanbul. This place is another one of the iconic buildings in the city and it is located in the Beşiktaş district. It is also known as the Great Mosque of Sultan Abdulmejid, as its construction was ordered by the Sultan Abdülmecid I. The building of the mosque is thought to be finished in 1854 or 1856.

11. The Spice Bazaar in Istanbul is a Well-Known Landmark and a Nice Place for Buying Souvenirs

As another one of the historical bazaars in this city, we can consider the Spice Bazaar to be another one among the Istanbul famous landmarks. Although it may not be as well-known as the Grand Bazaar, it is still an option that a lot of people visit. If you want to go shopping in a historical bazaar in Istanbul, this one can be among the options to consider.

12. Süleymaniye Mosque is Another One Among the Istanbul Famous Landmarks

As a well-known historical mosque in Istanbul, this place is another one of the Istanbul famous landmarks. The architect of Süleymaniye Mosque was Mimar Sinan and this structure’s construction was finished in 1557. Süleymaniye Mosque is located in Fatih.

Istanbul Famous Landmarks Final Words

Istanbul is an awesome city that can offer a lot for tourists. This can be one of the reasons why it is one of the most visited cities by international visitors. If you are looking for a nice city to travel to, Istanbul can certainly be a great option to consider. In this city, you can visit some of the Istanbul famous landmarks and have fun while exploring this city.

There are so many Istanbul famous landmarks that can be worth visiting and on this blog post we have mentioned 12 of them. We talked about places such as Rumeli Fortress, the Grand Bazaar, the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace.

Visiting Istanbul and taking a look at the landmarks of this city can be an amazing experience. If you are planning to visit Istanbul, don’t forget to consider visiting the places we have talked about on this blog post. Also, aside from these, there are many other places to visit in this city, as well as a variety of activities to enjoy!