Do you want to have a traditional Turkish breakfast? If so, you may be looking for Turkish breakfast foods that can be worth checking out. On this blog post we will discuss numerous options for that. In case you are interested, you can keep reading to learn more…

Looking for Turkish Breakfast Foods? Here are Some Examples…

Turkish cuisine is full of delicious food options. There are lots of different Turkish foods for dinner, lunch or snacks. Also, there are many options to talk about when it comes to Turkish breakfast foods, as well. We will mention various choices for this on this blog post, such as menemen, kuymak, simit and many others…

One of the Popular Turkish Breakfast Foods is Menemen

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A fairly simple yet very delicious Turkish food for breakfast is menemen. This amazing food choice is made with ingredients like tomato, bell pepper, spices, salt, cooking oil and eggs. In addition, you may add other optional ingredients like sucuk, sausage, cheese and so on…

Just Like in Many Other Countries, Eggs are a Popular Breakfast Food in Turkey

When it comes to breakfast foods, one of the popular choices around the world is eggs, without a doubt. We can say that this is the case in Turkey, too. Eggs are a fairly popular breakfast item in Turkey and they are made in various ways, such as boiled, fried, etc…

Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers and Olives are Generally Among the Staples of a Turkish Breakfast

Have you ever seen a traditional Turkish breakfast table? If you have seen it, you may be familiar with combinations like this. Food items such as cucumbers and tomatoes are often eaten as side food in breakfast in Turkey. They are breakfast staples for many people in this country and they can accompany other breakfast foods like eggs and menemen.

Kuymak is Another Delicious Option

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While this food is not eaten as often as many of the other ones on our list, kuymak is definitely an amazing breakfast food to know about. This is a dish from the Black Sea Region in Turkey and it is made using cheese, corn flour, etc… A very similar dish to this one is mıhlama.

Various Types of Cheeses…

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Speaking of kuymak, which is a dish made with a fair bit of cheese, let’s not forget to mention that cheese is another popular breakfast food in Turkey. Examples of cheese types preferred for breakfast in Turkey include kaşar cheese, tulum cheese and feta cheese.

Jams, Honey, Kaymak, Tahini, Grape Molasses, etc…

Various types of jams can be eaten for breakfast in Turkey, such as strawberry jam, cherry jam, apricot jam, etc… Also, a combination of honey and kaymak or butter is quite well-liked in Turkey, too. Moreover, another nice combination for breakfast is tahini with grape molasses.

Simit is Another One Among Common Turkish Breakfast Foods

A common option among Turkish breakfast foods is simit, which can be a nice breakfast or snack choice if you need something quick that you can eat on the go. It is a similar food option to bagel and simit usually has sesame seeds on it.

Aside from Simit, There are Lots of Pastry Options, too

When it comes to baked goods, there are many options to know about in Turkey. Simit is among those choices. Besides, aside from simit, there are numerous other choices in this category, too. For example, poğaça, which may have fillings like cheese or potato, is a type of option for it, while açma is another popular one.

Börek is Another Type of Food Eaten for Breakfast in Turkey

For those looking for Turkish breakfast foods, another choice can be börek, which is a type of food that has many versions. There are böreks such as su böreği, sigara böreği, gül böreği, kol böreği and many others. Moreover, börek may have fillings like potato, cheese, spinach and so on…

Turkish Breakfast Foods Final Words

Are you trying to find Turkish breakfast foods? Well, we have talked about numerous nice options on this blog post, such as börek, kuymak and menemen… If you want to prepare yourself a nice Turkish style breakfast, consider combining the ones you like among these options, as well as many others.