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Istanbul is a city with a lot to explore and if you visit this city you may want to go on a private tour here. As it is a city that is still vibrant during the nights, there are many Istanbul night tours that you can enjoy. In these tours you can see amazing places, taste delicious food and have some fun. Here we have brought together some night tour options in this wonderful city. You can consider the choices that we talk about here and enjoy a night tour in Istanbul during your next visit.

Istanbul Night Street Food Tours

Firstly, we are going to begin by talking about a general Istanbul night tours idea. As you may or may not know, there are many street food options in Istanbul that are very delicious. If you are visiting this city you may want to taste the street food here. By going on a good street food tour in Istanbul during the night, you can get to try out many amazing foods.

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise Can Be an Amazing Choice Among Istanbul Night Tours

If you want to have some relaxing time in Istanbul you can try out a Bosphorus sunset cruise. Also, there are cruises in Istanbul that are available at night, too. So some cruises in this city can be among the amazing Istanbul night tours. In case you want to spend a night in Istanbul on a luxury yacht enjoying some amazing time, you can try out a good Bosphorus dinner cruise.

See Historical Places with Istanbul Night Tours

Another cool idea can be seeing historical places in this city with Istanbul night tours. One of the popular things to do in Istanbul is visiting historical places here. Since the city has a very long and rich history, there are many historical places to explore in Istanbul. If you are interested in these places you can get an opportunity to see some of them with a good night tour for this.

Istanbul Dinner Tours

We have talked about trying out street food in this city with Istanbul night tours previously on this blog post. While you can do that, you can also try out some good restaurants in Istanbul with a suitable night tour for this. So instead of going on a night tour in Istanbul for trying out street food, you can pick one that makes it possible to visit good restaurants in this city, or you can decide to do both.

Pub Crawl Istanbul is Another One of Istanbul Night Tours

If you want to enjoy the nightlife of Istanbul but don’t know where to do you may want to try out Pub Crawl Istanbul, which is one of the Istanbul night tours. With this night tour in Istanbul you can visit cool bars and check out nice parties in this city. This nightlife tour in Istanbul is available on Friday and Saturday nights and lasts for around five hours.

Taksim Nightlife Rooftop Tour by John Justice (Istanbul Tours 360)

Another great way to experience Istanbul’s nightlife can be with this tour. If you want to enjoy the nightlife in Taksim, you can consider this option. In this night tour in Istanbul you can get to visit four bars, a rooftop club and a night club. The tour starts at Tünel Meydani and participants are provided with some alcoholic drinks during the tour. In total this tour lasts around five to six hours.

A Magical Evening in Istanbul: Private City Tour by Withlocals

If you are looking for Istanbul night tours, this option may be worth taking a look at. With this night tour in Istanbul you can see some awesome places in the city such as Kilic Ali Pasha Mosque and Galata Tower. Also you can get to taste some foods during this tour as well. The tour lasts around two and a half hours.

Segway Istanbul Old City Tour

A unique one among Istanbul night tours can be this one, for sure. In this tour you can explore the “Old City” in Istanbul on a segway, a motorised micromobility vehicle. The tour lasts around three to four hours and you can see the Column of Constantine and the Blue Mosque during the tour.

Note: The images in this blog post are stock photos and they are not from the actual tours.


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