Istanbul is a huge city with a population over fifteen millions. Its two sides, Asian and European, and the beautiful Bosphorus make this incredible city an attraction for tourists. In fact, it is one of the top cities in the world to visit. So, many people from all around the world come to this city to spend their vacations with their friends and families. Some of these people may want to use public transportation in Istanbul to get around the city. Also, some of them may want to rent a car to have their own private space while travelling. If you want to rent a car in this city too, you can find information about Istanbul car rental options in this post.

    Reasons To Rent A Car In This City

    People may have different reasons while they are renting a car in this large city. So we have listed the reasons why you may want to take a look at Istanbul car rentals.

    1. Istanbul’s transportation can be hard to get used to in a short period of time. After all, you won’t be spending your months in here when just visiting this city. And you do not want to wander around the city trying to figure out which way to go. Moreover, transportation in Istanbul might even confuse the locals from time to time. So, if you do not want this to be the case for you, you can take a look at Istanbul car rental options.
    2. Renting a car on your vacation can get you where you want to more easily and quickly. Besides, while using public transportation, you might need to transfer from one vehicle to another. Especially in Istanbul, you might sometimes need more than one transfer to get where you want. But renting a car can help you avoid this problem and enjoy your visit even more.
    3. As we said before, Istanbul is a quite populous city. You can see that with the crowded public transportation as well. It can get really crowded on public transportation to the point that you may feel like you do not have any personal space. So with renting a car, you can avoid this uncomfortable situation easily.

    What Are The Requirements To Rent A Car In Here?

    Before taking a look at the Istanbul car rental options, you need to know that there are some requirements to do it. If you want to rent a car in this city, you need to be at least 21 years old. Moreover, you need to have had your driver’s license at least for two years. Also, you need to have a credit card as well.

    If you want to rent a D-segment car, you need to be at least 25 years old. In addition, you need to have had your driver’s license for at two years. And again, you need a credit card. In order to rent luxury vehicles you need to be at least 28. Besides, you need to have had your driver’s license for three years.

    Is It Cheap To Rent A Car In Istanbul?

    Now that we know the requirements to rent a car, we can talk about the avarege price range. First of all the price range may differ for Istanbul car rental options. As of now, the cheapest options start with around $20 daily. When we go up the price range we see options that go up to $200 daily. There are even more expensive options if we are talking about luxury cars. So depending on the car you want to rent and the service provider, the price range can vary a lot.

    If you are in Istanbul and you are wondering whether it is cheap to rent a car here, it depends on what you consider cheap. While there are really cheap options here, there might be quite expensive ones too.

    Istanbul Budget Car Rental Options

    If you are looking to rent a cheaper car, taking a look at WindyCar Istanbul car rental might be a good option. Moreover, you can find more relatively cheaper options on Yolcu360 car rental site from different companies.

    Istanbul Luxury Car Rental Options

    Since there are many Istanbul car rental options in this city, you can easily rent luxury cars too. Istanbul Chauffeur, Platinum Luxury Car Rental and Istanbul Limousine might be good options to check out.


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