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When you come to this city, you will never wonder what to do in Istanbul. Because there are many things you can do in Istanbul to spend some great time. One of these awesome things is of course, to try unique and delicious food in Istanbul. While you can check out the street food in Istanbul, you may also want to get a great fine dining experience. So, here we have compiled a list of some great restaurant options in Istanbul. You can visit these places on your next visit to this city and enjoy some delicious food.

Mikla Restaurant

The first restaurant on our list is not only one of the best restaurants in Istanbul but also the whole world. If you are trying to find a place to eat tasty food, you can end your search now. Because Mikla Restaurant in Beyoglu is just the right place for you. You can find many different options to your liking in Mikla from duck meat to steak. They even have vegan and gluten free options too, for people with different diets. We should also mention its breathtaking view.

Litera Restaurant

Second restaurant on our list is also in Beyoglu and just as good as the previous one. Litera Restaurant offers a variety of cuisines to its customers such as the Europian cuisine. Litera Restaurant has a very nice ambience with its amazing view and the music they play. Also, you won’t have a hard time finding delicious food here if you are a vegan, too. Because the place has vegan options that you can enjoy. Litera is definitely one of the best among Istanbul restaurant options.

Neolokal Istanbul

Third restaurant on our list is Neolokal, which is also in Beyoglu just like the first two on our list. Neolokal is a very stylish and chic restaurant with its design. But decoration is not the only good thing in this place. Its menu is full of delicious food that is a fusion of tradition and modern style. Their appetizers are very delicious, so it is quite possible that you might get full before the main dish.

Adella Seafood Restaurant

If you are a seafood lover, you will love Adella Restaurant in Fatih. They have all kinds of seafood on their menu from stuffed calamari to salmon tagliatelle. Also, their appetizers and desserts are on point. You should give their chocolate souffle a try, if you ever decide to go to this restaurant. Besides, Adella Seafood Restaurant is a great option to enjoy Bosphorus view while you are eating some delicious food.

Istanbul Nusr-et Steak Restaurant

You have probably heard of Nusr-et since it has a growing popularity on online platforms. But believe us when we say that they deserve all the internet fame. Because Nusr-et Steak Restaurant offers nothing but high quality food to its customers. If you are looking to find a place to eat all kinds of meat and steak, Nusr-et Restaurant in Besiktas is the place to be! Besides their amazing steaks, they have tasty sides such as mashed potatos and mushroom. We should also mention their delicious baklava with ice cream which you should definitely try.

360 Istanbul Restaurant

Are you looking for a place to enjoy a delicious dinner with your partner? Then, 360 Restaurant in Beyoglu is a place you should visit. Because in this restaurant you can enjoy appetizers from Turkish cuisine as well as a myriad of food from other world cuisines. Also, this restaurant is famous for its staff’s hospitality. They take amazing care of their customers and make sure to do everything right. With its amazing view and delicious wine, the place will brighten your romantic evening for sure.

Istanbul Mükellef Restaurant

Just like other restaurants on our list, Mükellef Restaurant in Karakoy has an amazing view and delicious food. So, you can choose to come here for a dinner with your friends or family. Also, they have amazing brunches and breakfasts too if you’d like to come in an earlier time. Moreover, you can easily find gluten free, vegan and halal options in Mükellef Restaurant.

Aija Restaurant

Aija is also a very quality Istanbul restaurant just like the others we have mentioned on our list. But it probably has the best view among all of them. Because it is right next to the Bosphorus and the sea is literally one step away from you. Do not forget to try their salmon as well as their souffle if you go to this restaurant in Beykoz.

Istanbul Sans Restaurant

If you are looking for an Istanbul restaurant that will make you want to come back, Sans Restaurant is the one! Everything on their menu is worthy of their prices without a doubt. You should try their steaks, lemon cheesecake and wine while you are there. Sans Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Besiktas in terms of fine dining.

Nicole Restaurant

Last Istanbul restaurant on our list is Nicole Restaurant in Beyoglu. You can taste many food from different cuisines around the world here. Besides, it has gluten free and vegan options as a restaurant that wants to appeal to a wider customer base should. Also, they have many customers saying it is the best restaurant in Istanbul.

Note: The images in this blog post are stock photos and they are not from the actual places.


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