Visiting a wonderful city like Istanbul can be an awesome experience. One of the fun things to do in this city can be visiting its famous sights. So, what are the Istanbul famous sights that can be worth checking out? There are lots of examples of this and on this blog post we will talk about some of them. When planning your Istanbul trip, don’t forget to take a look at our list and see if there are any places that attract your interest! If you are ready to learn about the options we will discuss, let’s begin!

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Istanbul is an awesome city to visit, as there are many things to do and numerous famous sights to check out in this city. It is among the most visited cities in the world by tourists. For a nice travel experience, you may be planning to go to Istanbul and wanting to learn about some Istanbul famous sights. Examples to this include places such as Pierre Loti Hill, Anatolian Fortress, Hagia Sophia and Maiden’s Tower. On this blog post we will talk about these places and many others!

1. Pierre Loti Hill Can Offer Wonderful Sights

If you are looking for a place where you can take many beautiful photos from a hill in Istanbul, Pierre Loti Hill can be an awesome spot for this. This hill definitely has a very nice view and there is even a cafe there, as well as a museum nearby. Located in the Eyüpsultan district of the city, near the Eyüp Sultan Mosque, if you are around this area, this hill can surely be worth a visit. You can enjoy the sights here and take lots of photos.

2. Anadolu Hisarı (Anatolian Fortress) is a Well-Known Tourist Attraction in Istanbul

Through its history, the area where Istanbul is located now has been an important place for many civilizations. So there are lots of historical places in this city, including some fortresses. Rumeli Fortress is a very well-known one among those. Another one that can be worth checking out is Anadolu Hisarı (Anatolian Fortress). Especially if you are a history lover, you may want to visit Anatolian Fortress, which is one of the Istanbul famous sights. This place is located in the Beykoz district.

3. One of the Iconic Parts of the City is the Bosphorus

There are many different parts of Istanbul that we may consider iconic. These may include places like Galata Tower and Maiden’s Tower, as well as the Bosphorus. It is the strait that separates the European and Asian sides of the city. In artworks and photographs about Istanbul, this part of the city can often be seen. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the Bosphorus, a good idea for doing that can be enjoying a nice meal with its view. Moreover, another way to enjoy the elegance and charm of the Bosphorus can be going on a Bosphorus cruise.

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4. For People Trying to Find Istanbul Famous Sights, Maiden’s Tower Can Be Awesome

Speaking of the Bosphorus, another place that we should definitely include on this list about Istanbul famous sights is the Maiden’s Tower. Because it is certainly another one among the iconic places in Istanbul. It is a popular spot to check out among tourists. While one way to enjoy this tourist attraction can be enjoying its beauty from afar, you may also choose to visit the Maiden’s Tower. Going to this popular tourist attraction in Üsküdar can be a good idea because of the view that it can offer, and there is a restaurant in this place, as well.

5. Miniatürk Can Be Another Famous Tourist Attraction Option in Istanbul

There are lots of amazing Istanbul famous sights. A wonderful one among those that can be worth visiting is Miniatürk, which is a miniature park. This place contains the miniature models of a variety of buildings from Turkey, with a large amount of them being miniatures of the buildings in Istanbul. Currently, there are 135 models displayed in this miniature park and 60 of these are the models from a variety of buildings in Istanbul, while 63 from other places in Turkey and the rest is from outside Turkey. With 60000 square meters of total area, Miniatürk is among the biggest miniature parks in the world.

6. We Must Definitely Mention Hagia Sophia When Talking About Istanbul Famous Sights

Like many of the other popularly visited cities in the world, Istanbul has numerous well-known spots that tourists can visit. When discussing Istanbul famous sights, one of the spots that we should surely mention is Hagia Sophia, which is one of the most well-known places in Istanbul. It is a very old structure, with its history going back to 6th century. While it was initially built as a church by the Byzantines, it was turned into a mosque after the conquest of the city by the Ottomans, later functioning as a museum for a while and being turned back into a mosque in 2020.

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7. Fener & Balat Can Be Worth Visiting for Enjoying Beautiful Sights

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There are lots of different areas to take a look at in Istanbul, such as Sultanahmet Square and Istiklal Street. Aside from these, Fener and Balat can definitely be worth visiting, too. Because in these areas, there are many awesome spots to go to, such as many restaurants and cafes, many streets with colorful houses, Saint George’s Church and numerous other places… You can explore the streets of Fener and Balat, and enjoy the sights that they can offer.

8. If You are Looking for Istanbul Famous Sights, Consider Checking out Topkapi Palace

In Istanbul, there are many Ottoman palaces, like Dolmabahçe Palace and Yıldız Palace. Another one of these palaces is Topkapi Palace, which was used by Ottoman sultans for centuries. This palace was opened in 1465 and until the Dolmabahçe Palace was built in 19th century, it was the administrative spot in the Ottoman Empire, used by many sultans over a long period of time. Today it functions as a museum and if you are looking for Istanbul famous sights, it can be a nice place to visit. Topkapi Palace is located in the Fatih district and it is open between 10 AM and 4 PM from Wednesday to Monday.

9. Get Some Fresh Air and Enjoy Beautiful Sights at Emirgan Grove

Are you looking for a nice park in Istanbul to get some fresh air? If that is the case, Emirgan Grove can be an awesome spot to go to. It is an urban park in the Sariyer district and it is a popular place in the city. With its 470000 square meters of area, it is a fairly big urban park and with all the plants there, it can be quite a tranquil and calming spot to visit.

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As we have already stated on this blog post, there are numerous areas in Istanbul that can be worth visiting. Along with other options for this, one of these areas can be Taksim Square. It is an area that is located in the Beyoğlu district and it is another one among the popular areas in Istanbul. Taksim Square is a well-known place in this wonderful city and there are lots of stores, as well as accommodation options and restaurants in this area. Simply put, when visiting Istanbul, Taksim Square can surely be one of the areas to check out.

11. Trying to Find Istanbul Famous Sights? Basilica Cistern Can Be a Nice Choice

Basilica Cistern is one of the historical places in Istanbul. Built in the Eastern Roman times, this historical cistern has a long history. With its large size, the cistern historically functioned as a place that provided water for many buildings in the city. Today it is a tourist attraction which can be worth a visit. Basilica Cistern is located in the Fatih district.

Are you looking for Istanbul famous sights? Well, one of the examples for this can be Belgrad Forest, which is a wonderful natural place in Istanbul. Many people go to this place to get some fresh air, for picnic, some light exercise and so on… It is located in the Sariyer district.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque, which is also known as the Blue Mosque, is another one of the Istanbul famous sights. It was opened in 1617 and it is one of the most well-known mosques in the city. Sultan Ahmed Mosque is located in Fatih and can be a wonderful place to visit.

Istanbul Famous Sights Final Words

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Do you plan to go to Istanbul? As Istanbul is one of the most visited cities in the world by tourists, you may be considering going to this city. In this case, you may have been wanting to learn about some Istanbul famous sights. On this post we mentioned many examples of this like Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Belgrad Forest and Taksim Square. When planning your Istanbul trip, you can consider adding some of these spots to your list of places to visit in Istanbul.