Visiting Istanbul can be a fun and exciting experience. As there are lots of Istanbul famous places to check out, sightseeing can be an awesome activity to do in this city. Below you can find some examples of the well-known places in Istanbul. When creating your Istanbul travel plan, you may consider adding some of these places to your list of spots to visit.

When It Comes to Istanbul Famous Places, There are Lots of Options to Discuss

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Istanbul has a lot of things to offer for tourists, like delicious food, fun activities and many more… One of the things that make Istanbul a great city to visit is that there are numerous Istanbul famous places to check out. We will talk about examples of this such as Basilica Cistern, Maiden’s Tower and Hagia Sophia on this blog post. Along with those, we will also mention many other well-known places in Istanbul. If you are curious to learn more about what we have to say on this topic, keep reading!

1. Maiden’s Tower is Among the Istanbul Famous Places

If you have checked out some photos in Istanbul, you may have already seen this place. Because Maiden’s Tower is a fairly famous and iconic structure in Istanbul. It is located close to the Üsküdar’s coast and it can be an awesome place to take a look at. You may just watch this structure and enjoy its beauty this way, or you can choose to visit it if you want.

What is the story of the Maiden’s Tower?

Aside from its beauty, another reason why Maiden’s Tower is a well-known place is due to the stories and legends about it. One of these stories is about a king who was told that his daughter would die when she turns 18. So, according to the story, the king ordered the tower to be constructed to protect his daughter and put her there. However, despite his efforts, his daughter died of a snake bite, just like the prophecy said.

2. Hagia Sophia is a Majestic Place in Istanbul with a Long History

Have you been trying to find some Istanbul famous places to visit? In this case, you may want to know about Hagia Sophia, as it is one of the most popular places in this city. Along with being a very famous place in Istanbul, Hagia Sophia is quite old as well. When visiting Istanbul, Hagia Sophia can be an awesome place to go to and experience the beauty of.

Why is Hagia Sophia so famous?

As we have stated, Hagia Sophia is a very famous place, but why? There can be many reasons behind this popularity. As an old structure it has historical importance. Also, before it was used as a mosque, it used to be a church. Therefore, it is a structure with importance for both Muslims and Christians. It is one of the significant symbols of Istanbul with its historical, cultural and religious importance.

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3. Galata Tower is Another One of the Istanbul Famous Places

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There are numerous Istanbul famous places. We can say that one of these is the Galata Tower, as it is an iconic and well-known spot. When visiting Istanbul, it can surely be another awesome place to check out. Like Maiden’s Tower, there are some stories and myths about this place. Galata Tower is located in the Beyoğlu district.

What is special about Galata Tower?

Built in the 14th century, Galata Tower is a fairly old structure and it had various functions through its history. Aside from being used as a watchtower and fire tower at certain points in history, it was also used as a prison for some time. Today it is one of the touristic places in Istanbul, and it is a special place due to its beauty, history, as well as stories about it.

4. A Beautiful Structure in Istanbul is Ortakoy Mosque

When it comes to Istanbul famous places, we can talk about numerous mosques, since there are lots of mosques in Istanbul that are quite famous. One of the well-known mosques in this city is Ortakoy Mosque. Built in the 19th century, it was constructed with the Baroque Revival architectural style and as it is also situated at a wonderful location, it is a beautiful structure to see.

Can you go inside Ortakoy Mosque?

While Ortakoy Mosque is definitely a wonderful place to see, you may also be wondering whether you can go inside it or not. As it is an active mosque, it is not available for visitors during prayer hours. However, Ortakoy Mosque can be visited by tourists when it is available for visits. But when visiting the mosque, don’t forget to follow the proper dress code.

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5. Dolmabahçe Palace is Another Awesome Place That Can Be Worth Visiting

As Istanbul was the capital city of the Ottoman Empire for centuries, there are numerous palaces in it. One of the examples of this is Dolmabahçe Palace, which is one of the Istanbul famous places. It was built in the 19th century and it was used for several Ottoman sultans. While it wasn’t used for as much as Topkapi Palace, it is still a wonderful place to visit and it has historical importance.

Is there a dress code for Dolmabahce Palace?

Considering that it is a place that was used as a palace at a certain time period, you may be wondering whether you should follow a dress code while visiting Dolmabahçe Palace or not. Although it used to be a palace at a certain time, Dolmabahçe Palace is now a museum. So when visiting this place, you may choose clothing that would be appropriate for any other museum like this one.

6. Interested in Checking Out Istanbul Famous Places? Basilica Cistern Can Be a Nice Choice

If you are a history lover, Istanbul can be a wonderful city to visit. Because in this city, there are lots of historical places that are quite old. One of the old structures in Istanbul is Basilica Cistern, and this place is among the well-known spots in the city, too. As you may probably guess from its name, it is a structure that historically served as a cistern for many years and now it is a tourist attraction.

What movie was filmed in the Basilica Cistern?

Basilica Cistern is a fairly old structure and it is one of the popular spots in Istanbul. Being this well-known and old, it featured in various works of fiction. There are some novels, as well as some games and many other fictional works that feature this structure. Basilica Cistern featured in a variety of movies, and one example of those is From Russia with Love (1963).

7. The Grand Bazaar Can Be an Awesome Place to Buy Souvenirs

Another popular place in Istanbul that is visited by many tourists is the Grand Bazaar, which is located in the Fatih district. So we can consider this place to be another one among Istanbul famous places. In case you are looking for a place to buy souvenirs in Istanbul, this historical bazaar can be an excellent choice.

Why is the Grand Bazaar so famous?

One of the reasons why the Grand Bazaar is famous is because it is a historical structure with an exotic look. In this bazaar, there are lots of different products sold, such as rugs, snacks, and a variety of souvenir options. Basically, its unique look and the variety of products sold in this historical bazaar are among the reasons why it is a popular tourist attraction in Istanbul.

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8. One of the Istanbul Famous Places is Istanbul Archaeological Museums

For history lovers, Istanbul can definitely be an amazing city to visit. This is due to there are lots of historical places to visit in this city. In addition, there are numerous museums in Istanbul, as well. Archaeological Museum, Museum of the Ancient Orient and Museum of Islamic Art make up Istanbul Archaeological Museums and we can consider them to be among Istanbul famous places.

Is Istanbul Archaeological Museum worth it?

In Istanbul Archaeological Museums, there are lots of historical objects displayed, such as Egyptian–Hittite peace treaty from the 13th century BC, Lycian sarcophagus of Sidon from the 5th century BC and many other items. If you are interested in checking out historical items shown in these museums, Istanbul Archaeological Museums can be worth going to. For many history lovers, these Istanbul famous places can be amazing spots to visit.

Istanbul Famous Places Final Words

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Sightseeing is one of the reasons why many people travel, and in Istanbul there are lots of different spots for this activity. As it is a city that is full of amazing attractions to visit, there are numerous Istanbul famous places that can be worth knowing about. On this blog post we have talked about a variety of examples for this, such as the Grand Bazaar, Ortakoy Mosque, Istanbul Archaeological Museums and some others… When preparing a tour plan for visiting Istanbul, you may consider adding some of these places to your list, as well as numerous other well-known spots.