Do you want to check out some amazing views when visiting Istanbul? If that is the case, Pierre Loti Hill can be an awesome spot to take a look at, among other choices. Istanbul has lots of nice views to check out and there are numerous Instagrammable places in Istanbul. In case you are looking to take some nice photos during your Istanbul trip, you can consider going to places like historical bazaars, Fener and Balat, as well as locations such as Pierre Loti Hill.

This hill can be a wonderful place to enjoy a beautiful view in Istanbul. Moreover, there are many things to do around this area, as well. You can go to the cafe/restaurant there, to enjoy a meal, a snack or have some coffee or tea. Aside from the cafe there, there are some other restaurants to know about in the area, too. Also, you can take a look at the Piyer Loti Museum there if you want to do so. Besides, for those looking for accommodation options in this area, there can be some options. Basically, there may be some reasons to check out this spot in Istanbul and on this post we will talk about this place.

Pierre Loti Hill Overview

Pierre Loti Hill: Learn About This Wonderful Place in 4 Areas 4

In Istanbul, there are lots of places with a nice view, and without a doubt we can consider Pierre Loti Hill among them. This is a hill in Istanbul that is named after the pen name of a French writer, whose real name was Louis Marie-Julien Viaud.

Located near Eyüpsultan Mosque, this hill can be worth checking out for those who are visiting the area. Visitors can enjoy a nice view here and take photos. Also, if you are feeling hungry while visiting here, there is a cafe here that you may go to, as well.

Where is Pierre Loti Hill in Istanbul?

In case you are planning to go do Pierre Loti Hill, you may want to know where this place is located and how to go there. This spot with a beautiful view is located in the Eyüpsultan district of Istanbul. It is close to Eyüpsultan Mosque, as well as Eyüp Cemetery.

Using public transport options like metrobus, minibus or ferry, visitors can go to the area where this place is located and then hike. Moreover, using Eyüp-Piyerloti cable car line, visitors can go to this hill. Basically, if you want to visit this hill, there are some transportation options available for doing that.

Is Pierre Loti Worth a Visit?

Pierre Loti Hill: Learn About This Wonderful Place in 4 Areas 5

There are lots of nice places to visit in Istanbul. In this city, visitors can enjoy going to various historical places, as well as natural places for a great sightseeing experience. One of the reasons why going to this hill can be worth it is this place has an awesome view that can be worth checking out.

Aside from this, if you want to have a nice breakfast in Istanbul, or drink coffee, tea, etc., you can do this at the cafe there. Besides, there is a museum there and if you are interested in this, you can consider visiting the place. Along with all these, there are some accommodation choices in the area, as well.

Who is Pierre Loti?

This hill was named after a French naval officer named Louis Marie-Julien Viaud who also wrote novels. As a naval officer, he went to a lot of different places around the world, such as Tahiti, Vietnam, Algeria. He lived in Istanbul for a while and wrote novels like Aziyade and Le Mariage de Loti.

Things to Do Near Pierre Loti Hill

If you go to Pierre Loti Hill, you can enjoy the amazing view there, and go to the cafe there, as well. Also, if you are looking for a place of interest around the area, Eyüpsultan Mosque can be an option to know about.

Pierre Loti Hill Final Words

Pierre Loti Hill: Learn About This Wonderful Place in 4 Areas 6

For people who want to enjoy a wonderful view in Istanbul, Pierre Loti Hill can definitely be a place to visit, among many other choices. Aside from enjoying the beautiful view, visitors can go to the cafe and the museum located there, too. Besides, there are some accommodation options in the area.