When you compare it with other cities in Turkey, Istanbul can be much more expensive. So, you may find it a bit expensive to travel here and experience the beauty of Istanbul firsthand.  However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t visit Istanbul on a budget. While an Istanbul trip is more costly than other places in Turkey, it is not actually a very expensive city. If you follow some very simple tips, you can keep your Istanbul trip very cheap.

Istanbul is a great city to visit and there is always something new to explore here. Therefore an Istanbul trip will surely be worth every penny that you spend here. Also, by checking out the tips that we have put together for you, your Istanbul travel can be more affordable. So, let’s start checking out these tips and see how you can spend less in Istanbul.

Pick A More Budget Friendly Airline Company For Your Istanbul Flight

Istanbul Budget Travel Guide: Some Tips To Know 5

We all love our comfort, especially when travelling by air. However, a big part of your expenses of your Istanbul trip will likely be the tickets. So, if you want to cut back on your expenses for your Istanbul travel, this can be a good place to start.

In order to find cheaper plane tickets you can book early or check for discounts. Moreover, you can also pick airline companies that are more budget-friendly.

Eat Where The Locals Eat To Manage Your Budget Better In Istanbul

Istanbul Budget Travel Guide: Some Tips To Know 6

Istanbul has an excellent culinary culture with many fancy restaurants and delicious food. So, you may feel tempted to check out some of those more expensive restaurants. However, eating where the locals eat is a good idea anywhere in the world. This is also true for this city since there is a wide variety of options when it comes to street food in Istanbul.

So, feel free to check out local restaurants that don’t seem as luxurious. Because a lot of these offer food that is more authentic as well as a more genuine experience.

Select A Hotel That Suits Your Budget In Istanbul

Istanbul Budget Travel Guide: Some Tips To Know 7

Aside from the plane tickets, another big expense when visiting Istanbul is accomodations. So, picking a hotel that suits your budget is very important in Istanbul.

However, it is also important to pick hotels that are around the city center. Because you don’t want to be too far from places that you are planning to see. Hotels in Sultanahmet district can be great for finding that sweet spot.

Opt For Public Transport Instead Of Using Taxis And Get An “IstanbulKart”

Istanbul Budget Travel Guide: Some Tips To Know 8

Taking a cab in Istanbul can get very expensive when we compare it to public transport. Moreover, there are many types of public transport in Istanbul. So, it is a good idea to pick these options instead of taxis to keep your trip cheaper.

Also, you can get an “IstanbulKart”, which will keep the cost of public transport even more affordable in Istanbul.

Enjoy Free Or Cheap Attractions

Istanbul Budget Travel Guide: Some Tips To Know 9

There are many things to do in Istanbul that will definitely make you fall in love with this city. While some of these can be very expensive, lots of them are either free or very cheap.

For example, you can explore the beautiful streets of Istanbul, go swimming on Istanbul’s beaches or visit most attractions by paying only a very small fee.

Don’t Forget To Haggle When Shopping

Istanbul Budget Travel Guide: Some Tips To Know 10

Aside from incredible places to see, there are many opportunities for a great shopping experience in Istanbul. For instance, you can visit the Grand Bazaar and see lots of interesting things to buy.

But when you go shopping in local markets, feel free to haggle with vendors. Because this way you can get a better price for some of the coolest souvenirs to buy.

Get To Know The Locals For More Tips

Istanbul Budget Travel Guide: Some Tips To Know 11

Regardless of which city we are talking about, locals are the best source for learning budget-friendly options on pretty much anything. This is also true for Istanbul as well.

So, when you come to Istanbul, don’t be shy to make friends with the locals and learn from them. You can also use the “Ask a Local” section on our site to ask a question about Istanbul.