Resorts and hotels in Sultanahmet District have an extensive choice of accommodation to offer to tourists. They also have a wide variety of facilities for staying comfortably while exploring the area. Hotels in Sultanahmet can be classified into four types, namely, five star, four star, three star and budget hotels. While exploring the area you will come across all the three types of hotels. Let us take a look at some of the key features of these hotels:

The amenities

All the hotels in Sultanahmet offer excellent amenities. Some of them are equipped with onsite restaurants, bars, clubs and other entertainment facilities. Some of them even provide indoor swimming pool and fitness centre. The fitness centre offers various workouts such as aerobics, yoga, tai chi, cycling etc. Other activities like trekking, scuba diving, beach sports, water sports, trekking, horseback riding, golf, tennis, squash, and others are also offered by some hotels in Sultanahmet.

Recreational facilities

Most resorts and hotels in the city offer excellent recreational facilities such as beachfront restaurants, sports complexes, clubs, bars and entertainment venues. The luxuriant tropical gardens and beautiful botanical gardens add to the relaxing ambiance of the resorts. The pool areas, jacuzzis and outdoor pools to ensure a fun-filled stay for tourists. Room services and intrusion fees are also usually less in such hotels compared to other accommodations. Other facilities available include spas, indoor shopping malls, health clubs, golf courses and resorts for children.


Being the capital of communication and industry in the area has a wide range of restaurants that serve some of the best cuisines in the world. Many of these restaurants are open until midnight and offer a variety of dishes. Some of the most popular ones include Turkish and Greek cuisines. This region is known for its restaurants and therefore you will not miss out on anything when you are here. There is also a lot of choice in the food you will be eating.


This area is home to the oldest libraries in the world. Many scholars from all over the world come to explore their works here. A walk through the museums will give you an idea about the rich history of the place. Besides this, the area houses a number of clubs, theatres and professional sports teams. All these activities keep the people here busy all the day long.

The proximity to education and medical institutions

The hospitals and medical institutions in the vicinity of these hotels are quite advanced and capable of providing prompt medical assistance. All the hotel staff and the local population are conversant with all the latest medicines and therapies. Doctor’s offices are located within a few minutes distance from almost all the hotels. The cost: The cost of accommodation is not very high. Most five-star hotels in Sultanahmet are around one thousand dollars per night. Room rates go up to around eight thousand dollars for a good room.

The proximity to shopping malls

Shopping is one of the most popular pastimes in the region. The shopping malls in the area cover all major aspects of shopping. Clothes, jewelry, electronic goods, cars, house wares, accessories and many more items are available for sale. A typical visitor to this part of the city may spend hours at the window just looking through the items on display. The area also boasts of a wide range of food outlets and eateries that provide mouth-watering cuisines.

The availability of modern facilities

Hotels in Sultanahmet have all the modern facilities that one can think of. There are a swimming pool, club houses, gymnasiums, medical rooms, restaurants and bars. Almost all the hotels boast of excellent fitness centers. In fact, a stay in a hotel here can make you feel like coming back to your college days. It has all the facilities you want for an enjoyable stay.

The proximity to all kinds of entertainment

Music, drama and dance are absolutely enjoyed at every hotel here. Here, musical shows are arranged each day, along with concerts, movies and other cultural events. There are even activities organized for children in all age groups. All these add to the fun experienced by guests.

The availability of a lot of parking spaces

There are plenty of parking spaces available around all the hotels in the area. Guests can easily locate their respective parking lots from where they can easily reach their vehicles. Most hotels also offer shuttle services to and from the airport as well. This adds to the convenience of guests. All these factors combine to make hotels in Sultanahmet a favorite destination for tourists.

Shopping experience around the clock

The shopping places in the city are excellent. There are numerous top brands available here at reasonable rates. These hotels are equipped with modern facilities for making shopping simple and enjoyable. Guests can enjoy a variety of international brands and local Turkish products. Restaurants serving Turkish dishes are also found all around the hotels. In addition, they provide all necessary facilities like water and electricity.


When you are staying in one of the hotels in Sultanahmet you need not worry about any transportation. The city is well connected by air and roadways with all the major transport stations serving the travelers with both comfort and convenience. There are a number of taxis available to pick up guests at the airport as well as in the city center. All these advantages make the hotels in Sultanahmet a popular choice among the tourists.

Other advantages of hotels in Sultanahmet include a warm welcome by guests, extensive business facilities and a breath taking natural beauty to behold. Visitors will surely cherish their memories of their stay here in this exciting district of Turkey. The district is a wonderful place to spend a holiday or plan a business trip.