In Istanbul, visitors can have a great time doing many activities such as visiting tourist attractions, eating delicious foods and shopping. If shopping is an activity you like, Istanbul can be an awesome city to visit, as it has numerous shops and historical bazaars. But, what is famous in Istanbul to buy? For those trying to find some nice souvenir options in Istanbul, this question can be important. So we will try to answer this question and talk about some items in Istanbul to check out on this blog post.

What is Famous in Istanbul to Buy?

What is Famous in Istanbul to Buy? 8 Amazing Options 4

Visiting a foreign city can be an exciting journey. While enjoying your tour, you may look for things to buy, to remind you of your travel adventure afterwards. When visiting Istanbul you may ask: what is famous in Istanbul to buy? There are many popular souvenir items to know about in Istanbul, like Turkish delight, Turkish coffee, ceramic products, Turkish rugs and lots of other choices. We will discuss these and many others on this blog post.

1. Turkish Delight and Other Snacks Can Be Awesome Choices

Are you considering travelling to Istanbul and wondering what is famous in Istanbul to buy? If that is the case, there are numerous options and one of these is Turkish delight. Turkish delight options can be found in historical bazaars such as the Grand Bazaar and many other shops in the city. Besides Turkish delight, there are some other popular Turkish snack and dessert choices like baklava.

What does Turkish delight taste like?

One of the well-known Turkish snacks is Turkish delight. If you are looking for famous things to buy in Istanbul, it can be a nice choice. But before trying some Turkish delight, you may be wondering what it tastes like. Turkish delight is a fairly sweet snack option that has a fruity taste and its aroma can depend on its variety. For example, it may have rose flavor, nuts inside or covered in chocolate.

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When it comes to hot beverages in Turkey, Turkish coffee and Turkish tea are among the popular choices. So if you are asking “what is famous in Istanbul to buy?”, Turkish tea and Turkish coffee can be well-known options. By getting ganuine Turkish coffee and Turkish tea in Istanbul, you can get to enjoy the taste of these drinks in an authentic way.

What is so special about Turkish tea and Turkish coffee?

Turkish tea and Turkish coffee are fairly popular Turkish drinks. But what is so special about these drinks? Well, one thing can be their taste and smell. One feature that makes Turkish tea special is the way it is made, with the use of traditional two piece pots set. As for Turkish coffee, the way it is prepared in a Turkish coffee pot and fortune telling are features that sets it apart from many other coffee varieties.

3. If You are Asking “What is Famous in Istanbul to Buy?”, Ceramics and Pottery Can Be an Answer

In Istanbul, there are many historical bazaars to check out. When taking a look at the products at these bazaars, you may find various ceramic products with beautiful designs. Ceramic and pottery products can be awesome souvenir options to buy while visiting Istanbul. So if you have been wondering “what is famous in Istanbul to buy?”, ceramics and pottery can be among the answers.

What is the famous pottery in Turkey?

Ceramic works and pottery are done in many regions of Turkey. And depending on the region, they may have varying characteristics. One of the well-known works in this area are Iznik pottery, which are called İznik çinisi in Turkish. These works originate from the İznik area, which is located in Bursa.

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4. Let’s not Forget About Amazing Traditional Turkish Rugs and Carpets

What is Famous in Istanbul to Buy? 8 Amazing Options 5

When answering the question “what is famous in Istanbul to buy?”, we can surely talk about a variety of different product types. Among these products, Turkish rugs and carpets are certainly quite well-known choices. Turkish carpets and rugs have beautiful designs on them and authentic ones can be quite high-quality. So for those looking for things to buy in Istanbul, Turkish rugs and carpets may be worth considering.

What is a Turkish rug called?

Wondering what a Turkish rug is called? Well, Turkish rugs are called “kilim” in Turkish. It is a word that originates from another word in the Persian language, “gilim”. In its original language, gilim means things like carpet, blanket, bedspread. It is thought that this word entered Turkish language through the Urdu language.

5. Jewellery and Accessories are Among the Other Things to Check Out in Istanbul

What is famous in Istanbul to buy? One of the product options to consider purchasing while visiting Istanbul can be accessories. In Istanbul, numerous types of accessories like earrings, necklaces, belts, watches and handbags can be found. As the prices may vary a lot for such products, there can be options suitable for different budgets.

Is Istanbul good for jewelry?

In Istanbul, lots of different types of jewelry and accessory choices can be bought. So for those looking for variety, Istanbul can be great. Also, the prices can vary a lot, too. While there can be expensive products in this area, there can be quite affordable options, as well. But one of the things to be careful about can be the originalness of the products. If you are looking for authentic jewelry and accessories, you may want to be cautious and pick a reputable store.

6. Traditional Soaps Can Be Another Answer to “What is Famous in Istanbul to Buy?”

Have you been wondering what is famous in Istanbul to buy? A nice answer to this question can be traditional Turkish soaps. In Istanbul, there are many places to buy Turkish soaps. If you are interested in such self care products, you may want to check out some options in this area. The authentic ones can be amazing, in terms of how they smell and how they can make the skin feel so smooth after use.

What are the benefits of using Turkish soap?

When it comes to self care products like traditional and natural soaps, you may wonder what the benefits of such products can be. Authentic traditional Turkish soaps can be awesome self care products. Because they can smell awesome and after use, they can make the skin feel very smooth. The ones that are made with natural ingredients can be great for those interested in using natural self care products.

7. Turkish Tea and Turkish Coffee Cups and Similar Items Can Be Bought in Istanbul as Well

We have already talked about Turkish coffee and Turkish tea. As an answer to the question “what is famous in Istanbul to buy?”, Turkish coffee and Turkish tea cups and similar products can be among the choices, as well. They may include products such as Turkish coffee pots, Turkish tea pots and serving trays. These products can be in varying designs and you can pick from a wide variety of options.

What is a Turkish tea cup called?

One of the things you may be wondering about Turkish tea products can be the name of Turkish tea cups. In Turkish, Turkish tea cups are called çay bardağı. A related product, Turkish tea pot, is called çaydanlık in Turkish. Serving trays used for serving tea are called çay tepsisi, or simply tepsi. And for those who have been wondering what the word for tea is in Turkish, it is çay.

8. Ottoman Lamps Can Be Wonderful Decorative Items to Take a Look at While Visiting Istanbul

In case you are looking for souvenirs while visiting Istanbul and asking the question: “what is famous in Istanbul to buy?”, there can be many products we can talk about to answer that. One of the products to check out in Istanbul can be Ottoman lamps, which are also known as Turkish lamps. While it can be a hassle to take them with you while you travel back to your home due to their size, these decorative items can be awesome.

What is an Ottoman lamp?

When visiting historical bazaar options in Turkey, you can find many product choices. With their impressive designs, Ottoman lamps can be one of the striking ones. Basically an Ottoman lamp is a traditional type of lamp that can be found in Istanbul. Ottoman lamps, also known as Turkish lamps or mosaic lamps, can have beautiful designs that are definitely worth checking out.

What is Famous in Istanbul to Buy? – Final Words

What is Famous in Istanbul to Buy? 8 Amazing Options 6

Istanbul is a wonderful city to visit and there are many places to go shopping in this city. But what is famous in Istanbul to buy? If you have been asking this question, we hope that you have found some good examples on this blog post. We have discussed many products like Ottoman lamps, Turkish tea products, Turkish soaps and many others… When looking for souvenirs to purchase while visiting Istanbul, you may consider the product options we have discussed.