One of the important factors when visiting a city is the friendliness of the locals there. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend your vacation in an unfriendly place. Therefore, in case you want to go to Istanbul, you may be wondering: “is Istanbul a friendly city?”.

In general, people in Istanbul are very friendly, warm and hospitable towards tourists. While there can be exceptions to this, many tourists who visit Istanbul have a great experience in this regard. Being hospitable is a part of Turkish culture and for people who want to visit a friendly place, Istanbul can be an amazing choice.

Is Istanbul a friendly city? Are people nice to tourists in Istanbul?

Istanbul is among the world’s best places to visit and this city can have a lot to offer if you want to have a great time on your vacation. But is Istanbul a friendly city or not? This can be a fairly important question.

Just like any other city, there are all kinds of people in Istanbul and it may not be the best approach to generalize. However, in general people in Istanbul tend to be quite friendly and hospitable towards visitors, even though there can certainly be exceptions to this.