Antalya is one of the amazing cities to visit in Turkey and if you are planning to visit this city, you may be curious to learn about it. For instance, you may be asking questions like: is Antalya in Europe or Asia?

You may have heard that a part of Turkey is in Europe while a part of it is in Asia. While this is the case, the part of the country that is in Europe is only a small part of it, which includes a few cities. Antalya, just like many other cities in Turkey, is in Asia.

Is Antalya in Europe or Asia? Let’s Discuss This Briefly…

There are numerous wonderful cities to visit in Turkey and one of them can be Antalya. Are you planning to visit Antalya or are you just curious to learn about this city? If any of that is the case, you may be asking various questions about this city, such as: is Antalya in Europe or Asia?

Around 3% of Turkey is considered to be in Europe. This includes some parts of Istanbul and Çanakkale, as well as some other cities. However, Antalya is not among these cities and it is a city in Asia.