In some countries, it may be expected from a customer to tip for certain services. If you are going to visit Turkey, you may be wondering if that is the case in Turkey or not. So, do you tip in Turkey or is it unnecessary in this country?

With a quick online research, you may find a ratio of 10% tip being a good amount of tip in Turkey. However, you don’t have to tip in Turkey and a lot of Turks don’t even know of such a ratio. Tipping is not a big deal in Turkey, but as you can probably guess, if you choose to tip, that would certainly be appreciated.

Do you tip in Turkey or not? Is it expected to tip in Turkey?

While in some countries like the USA and Canada, customers are expected to tip for certain services, in some countries like Japan and China, tipping can be considered offensive. So, what is the norm in Turkey for this? Do you tip in Turkey or not?

Norms around tipping in Turkey are not as strict as places like USA or Japan. Customers are not expected to tip in Turkey, but if you wish to do so, you can. For instance, when you go to nice Istanbul restaurants, you can choose to tip around 10-15%, unless specified otherwise.