Being able to communicate with the locals can be quite advantageous when visiting a foreign city. This can definitely be the case when visiting Istanbul, too. But, do people speak English well in Istanbul or will you need to know some Turkish for better communication?

While you may come across many people speaking English in Istanbul, speaking some Turkish can certainly be helpful in this city. Because proficiency in English among Turkish people is fairly low and only using English to communicate in Istanbul may prove to be difficult.

Do people speak English well in Istanbul? Is English widely spoken in this city?

In case you are planning to visit Istanbul, you may be asking the question: “do people speak English well in Istanbul?”. You can find lots of people in Istanbul who are able to speak English. However, many people in Istanbul have a limited ability to speak and understand the English language.

If English is the only language you speak, it is possible for the language barrier to be an issue in certain situations when visiting Istanbul. Therefore learning some basic Turkish phrases before visiting this city can be advisable. For more advice regarding visiting Istanbul, you can check out our Istanbul travel tips.