In case you want to read a comparison between Istanbul vs Cappadocia, you can check out this one and learn about some of the differences between these two places in Turkey. Both Cappadocia and Istanbul are popular tourist destinations in Turkey. If you are planning to visit these places, reading a comparison of them can be a good idea.

Istanbul vs Cappadocia: Which Factors Will We Consider in This Comparison?

We have made various comparisons before on IstanbulJoy and considered many factors on them. On this comparison we will take a look at many factors, too. Basic info, cost of living, places of interest, lifestyle and foods are among these factors.

Basic Info About These Cities

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Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey in terms of population and it is a very popular tourist destination here. Cappadocia is a well-known tourist destination in Turkey as well. However, Cappadocia is not a city but a historical place in Turkey, mainly located in Nevşehir.

Istanbul vs Cappadocia Cost of Living

In Turkey, Istanbul is the most expensive city to live in, especially when we consider factors like renting or buying a house here. Compared to Istanbul, Cappadocia has a lower cost of living. But considering that they are both in the same country, prices aren’t different in many categories.

Places of Interest

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As both of these places are important tourist destinations in Turkey, they both have numerous places of interest. In Istanbul, there are well-known places like Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia and Maiden’s Tower, which are places we discussed on IstanbulJoy. In Cappadocia, there are underground cities, Uchisar Castle, Ihlara Valley, Goreme Historical National Park and more…

Lifestyle and People

As Istanbul is a big and metropolitan city, that is fairly crowded and with a lot of commotion at times. Cappadocia, on the other hand, is part of Nevşehir, a relatively calm city in Central Anatolia. So Istanbul can feel hectic yet very active, while Nevşehir can be calm but boring for some.

Istanbul vs Cappadocia: Pros and Cons of Each City

One of the pros of Istanbul is that it is a very big city with a lot to do and there can be many opportunities here. But it can be a city with a lot of hustle and bustle. Cappadocia, however, is a relatively tranquil place, which can feel a bit slow and dull at times.


Istanbul and Cappadocia have different climates from each other and weather in these cities can be quite different from each other. Istanbul can have a milder and more stable weather, while temperatures in Cappadocia can differ more.

Activities and Fun

For people who want to have a great time in these places, taking a look at activity options on our Istanbul vs Cappadocia comparison can be important. Visiting Istanbul can be an amazing experience and tourists here can do many fun activities. While Cappadocia can offer a lot of options in this regard, it may not provide as many choices as Istanbul.

Foods and Culture

Between Cappadocia vs Istanbul, there can be some cultural differences, although not many. Being a big metropolitan city, Istanbul may be the one with the richer culture between these places. However, Cappadocia can offer a very unique and wonderful cultural exploration opportunity to visitors, as well. In both of these places, many dishes from the Turkish cuisine can be tried, with some regional options to check out, too.

Expat Life: Jobs, Housing, Public Transport, etc.

Istanbul can be the place with more varied job opportunities between these two places, since it is a place with more economic activity than the other one. However, housing can be much more expensive in Istanbul, compared to Cappadocia. As far as public transport, both cities have various choices, with both of them having their respective pros and cons in this regard.

Istanbul vs Cappadocia Final Words

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On IstanbulJoy, we discuss and compare a lot of different places with Istanbul. We have made a comparison of Istanbul vs Cappadocia on this blog post. If you are planning to visit or live in one of these places, this comparison may have been useful to you. But let’s not forget that information here can be incomplete or incorrect. So when making a judgement, remember to do your own research, too.