Are you interested in learning about Turkish people? If that is the case, you may be asking a variety of questions about this topic. For instance, if you are wondering about religious beliefs in Turkey, you may be asking: what religion are Turkish people?

While the religion with the highest amount of adherents is Islam in Turkey, info about the exact ratio of Muslims varies depending on the statistic. According to various statistics, ratio of Muslims in Turkey may vary between 89.5% to 98%. Also, there are people with other religions in Turkey, as well as irreligious people like atheists, deists and agnostics.

What religion are Turkish people? The Main Religion in Turkey…

People who are interested in learning about Turkey and Turkish people may have many questions about these topics, like “where are Turkish people originally from?”, which we answered on a previous post. Also, you may be wondering: what religion are Turkish people?

Islam is the main religion in Turkey, with around 89.5% to 98% of the population thought to be followers of this religion. There are also minority religions in Turkey, such as Christianity, Judaism, etc. Also a small percentage of the population in Turkey is irreligious.