If you are interested in Turkey and Turkish people, you may have various topics that you are curious about regarding the history of Turkish people. For instance, you may wonder where Turks are originally from. So, where are Turkish people originally from?

It is thought that Turks came to Anatolia from Central Asia. Originally, Turkish people who are currently in Turkey were not living in Anatolia. But at some point many Turkic tribes began moving towards the west and during the 11th century Turks started living in Anatolia.

Where are Turkish people originally from? Are Turksh from Central Asia?

You may have some questions in your mind about Turkey, Turkish language or Turkish people, such as: “what language is spoken in Turkey?”, “is Turkey a good country to visit?”, “is Turkey safe?” and many others… Aside from these, you may also be asking the question: “where are Turkish people originally from?”.

There are still some questions that are not answered regarding the origin of Turks. But it is thought that Turkish people migrated to Anatolia from Central Asia. At some point in history, Turks started to migrate from Central Asia towards the west. Then around the 11th century, Turks entered Anatolia and started to settle there.