Food is definitely an important part of travelling to a foreign city and it is certainly the case when visiting Istanbul. In Istanbul, visitors can enjoy lots of delicious food choices. However, what food is Istanbul famous for?

Tourists who visit Istanbul can get a chance to enjoy delicious Turkish foods such as döner, kebabs, pide and lahmacun, along with popular Turkish desserts like baklava in this city. But when we think about it in terms of traditional regional foods, great examples include foods such as kumpir, balık ekmek (fish sandwich), Kanlıca yogurt and Sultanahmet köfte.

What food is Istanbul famous for? There are numerous answers to that!

Istanbul is a city in Turkey where different cultures and regional cuisines from all over the country come together, in some sense. So for a foreigner visiting Istanbul, it can be easy to make the mistake of confusing the most popular foods here with the famous foods from the actual regional cuisine of Istanbul.

Among tourists who visit Istanbul, popular foods in this city include examples like kebabs and so on, even though they may not necessarily be part of the regional cuisine. But, what food is Istanbul famous for among Turkish people? Some of these are Ortaköy kumpir, balık ekmek, Beyoğlu chocolate and many others…