Are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Istanbul with your significant other? If that is the case you may want to know about some fun and romantic activity suggestions for this. In case you are in Istanbul during Valentine’s Day you can check out this post to see some activity ideas.

What Activities Can You Try on Valentine’s Day in Istanbul?

There are lots of activities that you can try during Valentine’s Day in Istanbul. For example, you can enjoy a wonderful dinner in a nice restaurant, go to a concert or visit the Maiden’s Tower. Moreover, you can go to Princes’ Islands, enjoy a spa day, experience the nightlife of Istanbul or even try out an extreme sport.

Enjoy a Nice Dinner with the Bosphorus View

There are many nice restaurants in Istanbul with a view of the Bosphorus. Going to one of these places and enjoying a dinner with your significant other can be an amazing Valentine’s Day activity. For this day you can try out the local cuisine, which offers lots of delicious food options.

Visit Princes’ Islands for a Chill Experience

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While Istanbul is mostly known as a busy and crowded city, some parts of it aren’t this way. For instance, Princes’ Islands can offer a wonderful environment to visitors, as well as a calm vibe. So visiting these islands can be an excellent Valentine’s Day activity.

Try out a Bosphorus Cruise on a Luxury Yacht

Are you looking for an enjoyable experience for celebrating Valentine’s Day in Istanbul? If that is the case you can consider enjoying a Bosphorus cruise on a luxury yacht. There are numerous cruise options and routes that you can check out such as Bosphorus sunset cruise.

Go to Spa to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Istanbul in a Very Relaxing Manner

Many activities can be suitable for enjoying a nice experience on Valentine’s Day with your partner. As a relaxing activity you can consider going to spa and getting a massage. For this, there are lots of spa centers in Istanbul that you can pick from.

Visit Maiden’s Tower for a Meaningful and Enjoyable Experience

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In Istanbul there are lots of locations which you can visit during Valentine’s Day for a meaningful experience. One of these places that you may want to visit can be the Maiden’s Tower. This historical place has a beautiful story behind it. While it can be a wonderful experience to see it from a distance you can also visit Maiden’s Tower.

Feeling Like Going to Shopping? There are Many Bazaars and Malls in Istanbul to Check Out

Surely, one of the fun activities to do with your partner on Valentine’s Day can be going to shopping, especially when visiting another country. If you want to go shopping in Istanbul, you can check out the Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar as well as many modern shopping malls in the city.

You Can Experience Istanbul’s Nightlife with Your Significant Other

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Do you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with another fun activity? In this case you may want to experience the nightlife of Istanbul with your significant other. You can go to many different bars or clubs in this city and dance the night away.

Explore Some of the “Hidden Gems” of Istanbul

Istanbul has lots of tourist attractions that are quite popular among visitors such as Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. While these are certainly amazing places to visit, you may be looking for places in the city that others tend to miss. Some of these may include places such as Aydos Hill, Fener & Balat, Kanlica and Sile. Checking out some of these “hidden gems” can be an interesting thing to do during Valentine’s Day in Istanbul.

Go to a Fun Concert on Valentine’s Day

Another amazing activity that you can enjoy during Valentine’s Day in Istanbul can be going to a concert. Depending on the genre that you and your partner like, you can pick from a variety of music venues in Istanbul. There are jazz music places in this city as well as classical, pop, rock, techno and many others.

Looking for an Unorthodox Way to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Istanbul? Try an Extreme Sport

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Although it can be a rather unusual way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, trying out an extreme sport can be a wonderful choice. This way you can experience a thrilling and exciting experience together with your partner. You can try many different extreme sports in Istanbul.