Istanbul is a city where you can have amazing experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life for sure. For example, you can learn many things about history that will absolutely fascinate you by visiting some historical places in Istanbul. Moreover, you could have amazing food in one of the Istanbul restaurants right next to the beautiful view of Bosphorus. Or you could have the most fun in a night out in Istanbul nightlife. Another experience that you should definitely have in the city of Istanbul is going to an Istanbul winery and tasting delicious wine. Especially if you like wine, there are amazing wineries in Istanbul where you can spend amazing time with your loved ones while you are tasting delicious wine. You can have some food while you are drinking your wine in some of these wineries, too.

Istanbul Pano Winery

Istanbul Winery: 5 Amazing Options To Visit 5

The first amazing winery on our list is Istanbul Pano Winery in Beyoglu district. The history of this winery goes way back to 1898. That is why, it is also caled ”Historical Pano Winery” too. A Greek family built this winery in 19th century and it was the only winery in the area for a long time. This beautiful winery is also a restaurant where you can have some food while you are tasting delicious wine. They have delicious appetizers, salads, pasta and desserts on their menu. While you are there, we would highly reccomend you to taste their chocolate lava cake. Also, they have many drinks besides wine if you want to try something different too.

Istanbul Sensus Galata Winery

Istanbul Winery: 5 Amazing Options To Visit 6

Are you looking for a cozy Istanbul winery where you can spend some time with your friends and family in Beyoglu district? If your answer is yes, you have found the place looking for. Because Istanbul Sensus Galata Winery is a very cozy winery with its small tables and chairs.

They serve more than 400 local Turkish wines in their winery. Moreover, they take pride in selling the most affordable wines among other wineries. So this place is also very suitable for those who are looking for some delicious affordable wine to taste. Besides wine, they serve various tasty cheese too. Gruyere cheese, Circassian cheese, old cheddar cheese, Cecil cheese and many other local Turkish cheeses are only the some of the delicious cheese they are serving in their winery. On their food menu, they have many types of pizza, pasta, salads, fish and meat. While you are there, you could give their San Sebastian cheesecake a try.

Istanbul Viktor Levi Wine House

Istanbul Winery: 5 Amazing Options To Visit 7

Next winery on our list is in Kadıkoy district of Istanbul which is a very popular place among tourists. So if you are looking for a winery in this area, you should definitely visit Viktor Levi Wine House. This wine house also has an old history just like Pano Winery. In fact, this place was first built to sell sardines and grapes. The place also served as a coffee shop for a while as well. But then it started serving as a wine house. They have a garden decoration where you can feel the slight breeze in hot summer nights.

Besides, their rich menu includes many kinds of food to go with the wine. From their appetizers to their desserts, everything on their menu is very delicious. For example, you can find pizza, pasta, fish and different kinds of meat on their menu easily. Or you could have a delicious chicken salad if you want to keep it fresh and simple.

Istanbul Solera Winery

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Solera is another Istanbul winery in Beyoglu district. You can find wines from different regions of Turkey in this winery. Also, they serve food from different cuisinies such as European and Turkish. Moreover, they have vegetarian friendly food too for people who want to eat vegetarian food while they are tasting wine. But something that you will absolutely love is their steak and fries for sure.

Hazzopulo Winery

Istanbul Winery: 5 Amazing Options To Visit 9

Hazzopulo winery in Asmalımescit neighborhood is one of the most authentic wineries you can visit in Istanbul. You can see it from the steaks they serve on beautiful wooden plates easily. Its unique vibe can make your romantic nights in Istanbul with your significant one the best ones of your life.

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