Before visiting Istanbul, you may have lots of questions about this city in your mind. Since money can be an important factor to consider when travelling, you may be asking: is Istanbul cheap or expensive? Let’s discuss the answer…

Compared to other cities in Turkey, Istanbul is surely an expensive city, especially when it comes to areas such as renting or buying a house. However, when we compare Istanbul to many cities in the West like New York, London, Paris and Sydney; Istanbul is a relatively cheap place to visit and live in.

Is Istanbul cheap or expensive? A short overview…

When planning to visit a foreign country, the budget you have for this can be one of the significant factors to keep in mind. In case you want to go to Istanbul, you may be wondering if this city is an affordable or pricey place to visit. So, is Istanbul cheap or expensive?

Istanbul can be a fairly cheap place to visit when compared to numerous other cities in the world. There are many cities such as Buenos Aires, Cairo, Kolkata and Hanoi, which may offer a cheaper travel experience than Istanbul. In addition, most other cities in Turkey are cheaper than Istanbul, too. However, Istanbul can still be considered quite a cheap location to visit. If you are travelling to this city on a budget, don’t forget to check out our Istanbul budget travel guide!


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