When travelling to another country, there can be a variety of important questions in your mind that needs to be answered. For instance, in case you are visiting or living in Istanbul, you may ask: “can you drink tap water in Istanbul?”.

In general it can be unsafe to drink tap water in Turkey. Moreover, even though many sources may consider it safe, its taste can be off due to the chemicals that it contains. So when in Istanbul, it can be a good idea to avoid tap water and opt for bottled water instead.

Can you drink tap water in Istanbul? Is tap water in Turkey safe to drink?

You may be planning to visit Istanbul, or start living in Istanbul as an expat. If so, you may be wondering about various practical concerns. For example, whether the tap water here is drinkable or not can be a legitimate question. So, can you drink tap water in Istanbul or not?

When in Turkey, it can be a smart thing to avoid tap water, as it can taste bad and have a potential to be unsafe. Instead of drinking tap water in Istanbul, you can drink bottled water options while visiting or living in this city.