When travelling, speaking the local language can be very helpful. By being able to speak with the locals, you can have numerous advantages. This is the case when travelling to Istanbul as well. But, what language is spoken in Istanbul?

As you may already know, Istanbul is a province in Turkey and as a result of this, Turkish is the main language spoken here. However, in addition to Turkish, there are many minority languages spoken in Istanbul such as Kurdish and Arabic, as well as lots of people speaking a variety of foreign languages like English.

What language is spoken in Istanbul? Well, learning some Turkish can be a great idea…

There are many reasons to visit Istanbul and if you are planning to do so, you may have many different concerns in your mind. For instance, you may be asking the question: “what language is spoken in Istanbul?”. Since language barrier can be an issue when visiting this city, you may want to know about the local language before you visit.

In Istanbul, Turkish is the primary language of the majority of people. If you can speak Turkish, you can communicate with most people living in this city. Even though some people here can speak English, it can be a great idea to learn some Turkish before coming to this city.