Are you interested in learning about the country Turkey? In this case, you may have various questions about this country. For example, if you have noticed Turkey’s somewhat recent name change you may be wondering what is Turkey called now in 2023.

Before the name change that happened in 2021, the official name of Turkey in English used to be the Republic of Turkey. Following this change, the official name of the country in English became the Republic of Türkiye. So now, in 2023, Turkey is called Türkiye. However, on many platforms you can still find people referring the country with its previous name Turkey.

What is Turkey called now in 2023? – Turkey’s Name Change

If you are interested in Turkey and want to learn about this country, you may be asking questions about this country, regarding many topics such as its name. For instance, you may be asking questions like “is Turkey now called Türkiye?” and “what is Turkey called now in 2023?”.

Turkey’s official name in English was changed in 2021. Before this change it was the Republic of Turkey but now it is the Republic of Türkiye. Therefore, after this name change Turkey is currently called Türkiye in 2023.