If you have been doing research about Turkey online or learning about this country in general, you may have noticed that it is referred to as “Türkiye” in some places. Now you may be asking questions like: “is Turkey now called Türkiye?” and “did Turkey’s name change?”.

After declaration of the Turkish Republic in 1923, its official name in English became “the Republic of Turkey”. But in December 2021, the country’s official name that is used internationally was changed to “the Republic of Türkiye”. So now, officially Turkey is called Türkiye. While “Turkey” is still used to refer to the country by a lot of people, many prefer to use its new official name, as well.

Is Turkey now called Türkiye? Did Turkey’s name change?

Do you have questions in your mind about Turkey or Istanbul? If so, you may want to check out our FAQ category to find out if we have answered your question or not. On this short post, we are answering this question: “Is Turkey now called Türkiye?”.

The official name of Turkey in English used to be “the Republic of Turkey”. However, now “Turkey” is called “Türkiye” officially. So Turkey’s official name in English has been changed, and this happened in December 2021.