If you are looking for a city to visit, Istanbul can be a great option. Without a doubt, it is one of the best cities to visit in Europe and a lot of tourists pick this amazing city as their destination. But, what is the best time to visit Istanbul?

The best time to visit Istanbul can depend a lot on your personal preferences. However, during summer, the city can be more crowded due to increasing tourism and hotel stay prices can be higher, too. Spring and autumn can be wonderful times of the year to visit this city, as well as winter for some people.

What is the best time to visit Istanbul? Which time of the year to choose for visiting Istanbul?

When visiting a new city, you may wonder what time of the year would be the best for this. So in case you are planning to go to Istanbul, you may ask: “what is the best time to visit Istanbul?”.

During all seasons in Istanbul, there can be various activities to do and places to visit. While Istanbul can be a great city to go to regardless of the season you choose to visit this city, summer can have its specific disadvantages.