If you are visiting Turkey, one of the nice places to go in this country can be Izmir. There are many activities to do in Izmir and you may be planning to go on an Izmir day trip. But, what is Izmir famous for?

One of the things that Izmir is famous for is the foods in its local cuisine, such as boyoz and kumru. Also, there are many well known places of interest in Izmir, such as Izmir Clock Tower, Kemeralt─▒ Bazaar and Ephesus. In addition, there are many beaches in Izmir and other natural places, too.

What is Izmir famous for? Here are Some Examples…

While it is not as popular as Istanbul, Izmir can be an amazing city to visit in Turkey. If you are planning to go to this city, you may have some questions about it. For instance you may be asking: what is Izmir famous for? Well, there are many examples we can talk about.

Izmir has lots of places of interest, some of them are historical places and some of them are natural spots, such as beaches. Aside from this, Izmir has a local cuisine that is quite rich and full of wonderful foods to enjoy.