One of the reasons to visit Turkey can be to explore the Turkish cuisine. There are many Turkish foods to try, along with desserts, snacks, drinks and so on… But if you are a breakfast lover, you may be asking: “what is in a typical Turkish breakfast?”.

A typical Turkish breakfast consists of eggs made in a variety of ways, cheese, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet or hot peppers, various charcuterie meats, bread, butter, honey, different types of pastries, foods like menemen and many others… This variety can depend on personal preference, which day of the week it is, etc.

What is in a typical Turkish breakfast? Common breakfast foods in Turkey…

If you have ever seen a Turkish breakfast, you may have noticed that it consists of many different types of food choices. But, what is in a typical Turkish breakfast? What are common breakfast foods in Turkey?

What people choose to eat for breakfast in Turkey can depend on many things. For example, usually on Sundays when people get a chance to relax and enjoy this first meal of the day, the breakfast food choices can be more varied for many. However, if we are to mention some of the most common breakfast foods in Turkey, these should be eggs, bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and cheese.