In Turkey, there are many cities to visit and Izmir can certainly be among them. It is a fairly nice city to go to and if you are planning to visit Izmir, you may be asking some questions about it, such as: what food is Izmir famous for?

Izmir is known by many for a variety of food choices. One of the most well known ones among these is boyoz, which is a type of pastry. Aside from this example, there are many others, such as kumru, İzmir bombası and İzmir köftesi.

What food is Izmir famous for? Here are Some Examples…

If you want to learn about Izmir, you may be asking things like: “is Izmir good for tourists?”, which we have answered on a previous FAQ post. When you visit Izmir, one of the things to do in this city can be exploring the local cuisine. In case you want to check out foods in Izmir you may be wondering: what food is Izmir famous for?

There are many examples of this and one of the quite well known ones is boyoz. Also, there are other foods from Izmir that are known by many like İzmir köfte, İzmir bombası and kumru.