The area where Turkey is located right now has been quite important through history. This area was inhabited by lots of different peoples and civilizations in the past. If you are interested in Turkey history, you may want to keep reading. Because on this blog post we are going to discuss the history of the area where Turkey is located today. In our blog we talked about Istanbul history on a previous post. Now let’s take a look the history of Turkey.

    What is the History Behind Turkey?

    Turkey is a country with a long and rich history. Before the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, many other civilizations have been in the area where Turkey is located today. This area is close to the area that is considered the Cradle of Civilization. Anatolia, as well as Eastern Thrace, had been fairly important places through history.

    What Was Turkey Before It Was Turkey?

    Following the Turkish War of Independence, which lasted from 1919 to 1923, the Republic of Turkey was founded on the 29th of October 1923. Before this, the area where Turkey is located now was part of the Ottoman Empire. And before that, there had been many other civilizations in this area.

    Who Lived in Turkey Before the Turks?

    If you are curious about Turkey history, you may be wanting to know who lived in Turkey before the Turks. Before Turks began migrating to Anatolia on a large scale, which happened in around early 11th century, many other peoples and civilizations had lived in the region. Some of these are Greeks, Romans, Persians, Hittites and so on…

    What Was Turkey Called Before the Ottoman Empire?

    Ottoman Empire started in 1299 and over time, it became the dominant power in the region where Turkey is located now. Before the Ottoman Empire and other Turkic states in the region, this area was a part of the Eastern Roman Empire. The area was comprised of multiple Roman provinces, such as Asia, Thracia, Cappadocia and Cilicia.

    Turkey History Timeline

    When discussing Turkey history on this post, we are talking about the history of the area where this country is located right now. So the scope of this discussion is not just limited to the history of the Republic of Turkey. Before Turkey and Ottoman Empire, this area was important during the ancient period, and even during the prehistoric times to some extent.

    Prehistoric Times

    The area where Turkey is located today was close to the “Cradle of Civilization” in history and some parts of this region were actually parts of the Fertile Crescent. During prehistoric times, there were settlements in this area such as Çatalhöyük and Alacahöyük.

    Ancient Period and Eastern Roman Times

    Two important periods to discuss on this post where we talk about Turkey history are ancient and medieval times. Through varying periods during ancient and medieval times, many civilizations inhabited the area, such as Hittites, Lydians, Persians, Greeks, Macedonians, Romans and many others.

    Ottoman Period

    Another important period to discuss regarding Turkey history is the Ottoman period. Ottoman Beylik was one of the Anatolian Beyliks in 1299 and it became a powerful empire in the region over time. While Ottoman Empire ended in 1922, Turkey can be considered its successor in some ways.

    Republic of Turkey

    After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the Republic of Turkey was founded, following a difficult period of conflict. Then, Turkey went through a period of modernization in its early years. The country had many ups and downs throughout many years and eventually it has reached its current state.

    A Quick Summary of the Turkey History Timeline (Before the Republic of Turkey)

    Basically, the area where Turkey is located today has been a noteworthy region throughout history. The first settlements in this area were built in prehistoric times and there has been many civilizations in this region, including very important examples such as Romans and Ottomans.

    Turkey History – Final Words

    On this post we have discussed Turkey history. Basically, Turkey is a country with a history that is quite rich and long. The area where Turkey is located today was inhabited by many different civilizations in history. For people who love history, this country can be worth visiting. There are numerous historical places in Turkey that can be worth checking out.


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