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Are you planning to go on a Troy day trip from Istanbul? If that is the case, then you may want to keep reading this blog post. Because here we are going to talk about this day trip option, as well as some activity choices to try out in Canakkale. When visiting Istanbul, it is possible to find many places to see and numerous things to do in the city. Along with this, there are various Istanbul day trip options, too. Now let’s discuss one of these day trip ideas.

Why Go on a Troy Day Trip?

When you are in Istanbul, you can get to enjoy a variety of fun and interesting activities. Also if you want to explore other places in Turkey, there are many options for this. One of these places is Canakkale, where Troy Archaeological Site is located in. In case you are interested in history, going on a Troy day trip from Istanbul can be an excellent idea. Because this place has historical importance and it can be interesting to visit there. Moreover, there are many other historical places to check out in Canakkale, as well.

How to Go on a Troy Day Trip from Istanbul

Especially if you are interested in history, going on a Troy day trip from Istanbul can be a nice idea to consider. There you can see a significant historical area and get a chance to visit many other historical places, too. In case you are planning to go on this day trip option, you can make use of services provided in this area by various travel companies. Aside from this, you may try to plan this day trip and carry it out by yourself, too.

Things to Do in Canakkale

Seeing new places and doing fun activities can be among the reasons of going to another country. On a Troy day trip, there can be a lot of things to do and places to see. First and foremost, visiting the Troy Archaeological Site can certainly be one of the interesting things to do during this day trip. In addition to this, you may consider checking out some of the other historical places in Canakkale, too. Also, during this day trip, don’t forget to taste some of the local foods. Aside from these activity ideas, exploring the city can be another thing to do.

Visit the Troy Archaeological Site

One of the things to do on a Troy day trip is, of course, visiting the Troy Archaeological Site. This is a fairly important historical place that is over 5000 years old. This place is open between 8.30 AM and 5.30 PM every day of the week, and the entrance fee to visit the site is 100 TL. But let’s not forget that open hours and entrance fee may change over time.

Check Out Other Historical Places

While Troy Archaeological Site is one of the important historical places in Canakkale, it is not the only one. Aside from Troy, there are many other historical places in this city such as Assos, Çanakkale Martyrs’ Memorial, Kilitbahir Castle and more…

Try Out Local Foods

If you go on a Troy day trip from Istanbul, another thing to do in Canakkale can be trying out local foods and exploring the local cuisine.

Explore the City

When you visit Canakkale in order to check out Troy and other historical places, you can also decide to explore this wonderful city. Aside from historical areas, there are many other places to see in this city like Aynali Carsi, Bozcaada and more…

Other Istanbul Day Trip Ideas to Know About

Going on a Troy day trip from Istanbul can be an awesome idea for those who are looking to spend some fun time. With this day trip idea, visitors can check out a historical site and get a chance to see a nice city in Turkey. Also, there are some other Istanbul day trip ideas that you may want to know about, as well. For example, going to places such as Sile, Princes’ Islands and Kilyos in Istanbul for a day can be a wonderful way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Moreover, going on a Bursa day trip can be another idea to consider, along with many other day trip choices.


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