In case you are looking for a comparison of Istanbul vs London, you may want to keep reading this post. Because here we are going to be discussing these two cities and comparing them according to a variety of factors. Both of these cities are quite important in their respective countries, in terms of things such as history, culture and business. While they can both be considered important cities, there are some differences between them. Now if you are ready to explore this topic, let’s begin comparing Istanbul and London with each other.

Istanbul vs London: Which Factors are We Going to Look at?

On our website we made comparisons between Istanbul and many different cities, such as our comparisons of Istanbul vs Izmir and Istanbul vs New York. When making these comparisons we talked about numerous factors such as cost of living, lifestyle, weather and places of interest. Also, on this post where we will compare Istanbul vs London, we will be taking a look at such factors. So let’s start with some basic information about Istanbul and London, and then continue with other areas that we are going to discuss.

Basic Info

Istanbul vs London: Comparing These Two Cities in 7 Important Areas 4

First and foremost, let’s begin this comparison of Istanbul vs London with some basic information about these cities. Located in the Marmara Region, Istanbul is the financial center of Turkey and it is a city with a population of more than 15 million. London is in the southeastern part of England and with a population of over 8 million it is the largest city of the UK, along with being its capital. Also, London is considered a “global city“, and an important international financial hub.

Istanbul vs London Cost of Living

Cost of living is certainly one of the important factors to talk about when comparing two cities. Due to exchange rates, it is not surprising to see significant differences between these cities in terms of cost of living. While average salary in London is higher compared to Istanbul, cost of living in London is higher, too. In many categories, prices in London are higher than prices in Istanbul.

Places of Interest

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Another factor that we will discuss on this Istanbul vs London comparison is places of interest. Both of these cities have amazing places that can be worth visiting. In Istanbul there are famous places such as Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Maiden’s Tower, Hagia Sophia and Galata Tower. And in London there are famous places like Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the British Museum and the National Gallery.

Lifestyle and People

When it comes to comparing Istanbul vs London, considering lifestyle and people can be important. These cities are important financial centers in their respective countries and they are both crowded, active and busy. However, it can be said that people in Istanbul can seem more outgoing and people in London can be considered more formal in their demeanor. But let’s not forget that these are broad generalizations and may not always be true.

Weather and Parks

Compared to Istanbul, London is a colder place during many months of the year. While their weather can be different, both of these cities have many parks to visit. In Istanbul there are parks such as Gülhane Park and Yıldız Park. And in London there are parks like Hyde Park and Regent’s Park.

Activities and Fun

In both of these cities, amazing historical and natural places can be visited, and numerous fun activities can be done. Local food in Istanbul can be amazing to try and this can be true for London, as well. Although some consider British food to be bland, with dishes like fish and chips, full English breakfast and shepherd’s pie, this may not really be the case.

Expat Life: Jobs, Housing, Public Transport, Crime, etc.

Being an international financial hub, London may arguably be a better place to work. But Istanbul can be a nice place for business opportunities, as well. In both of these cities there are many public transport options. Renting or buying an apartment is more expensive in London than in Istanbul. In many categories, London has a higher crime rate compared to Istanbul.

Istanbul vs London Final Words

Istanbul vs London: Comparing These Two Cities in 7 Important Areas 6

On this Istanbul vs London comparison, we compared these two cities in many categories. While these cities can be different in lots of areas, they can both be worth visiting and they are both important in their respective countries.