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Whether you are looking for an enjoyable way to get some exercise or a fun activity to do in this city, you may be wanting to know about some Istanbul swimming pool options. While you may use Istanbul beaches for this activity when the weather is suitable, you may prefer swimming pools as well. In case you want to learn about some of the swimming pools in this city, you can keep reading this blog post.

What are Some of the Istanbul Swimming Pool Options?

If you want to go swimming while in Istanbul, you can choose to use a variety of beaches in the city as well as many different swimming pools for this activity. There are pools in Istanbul such as IBB Beyoglu Swimming Pool, Yesilpinar Istanbul Swimming Pool, Dalyan Club Swimming Pool and many others. Also there are water parks in this city such as Aqua Club Dolphin and Marina Aquapark. Basically in terms of swimming pool options, there are many choices in Istanbul.

IBB Beyoglu Swimming Pool

The first Istanbul swimming pool that we are going to talk about is IBB Beyoglu Swimming Pool, which is located in the Beyoglu district of the city. This swimming pool is open everyday from 8 AM to 10 PM.

Acıbadem Kadikoy Municipality Swimming Pool

This place is another one of the swimming pools in Istanbul and it is located in the Kadikoy district of the city. There are different time periods allocated for freestyle swimming for adults through the week in this pool. The opening hours vary here but during the week it is often between 7 AM to 9 PM.

Yesilpinar Istanbul Swimming Pool

If you are looking for a swimming pool in Istanbul, another option for this can be Yesilpinar Swimming Pool, which is located in Eyüpsultan. This pool is open from 7 AM to 10 PM everyday except for Mondays. Between specific time slots, the pool is for women only.

The Green Park Bostanci Swimming Pool

In case you want to enjoy swimming in a pool during your Istanbul vacation, you can choose The Green Park Bostanci as your hotel. This hotel has a swimming pool as well as many other things like spa area and gym.

Dalyan Club Swimming Pool

For an enjoyable swimming experience, another Istanbul swimming pool that you can choose is Dalyan Club Swimming Pool, whose facility has many other areas as well. This place is open from 8 AM to 12 midnight and it is located in the Kadikoy district.

Marina Aquapark

In case you are trying to find a water park in Istanbul, one amazing option for this can be Marina Aquapark, which is located in Tuzla. This water park has lots of waterslides and can be an awesome place to visit for a fun swimming experience.

Sheraton Istanbul Swimming Pool

This is another one of the hotels in Istanbul with a swimming pool. This place is located in Atakoy and its pool can be visited from 6.30 AM to 11 PM. The prices to use the pool vary between 70 TL to 90 TL.

Nossa Costa Swimming Pool

This swimming pool is located in the Bakirkoy district and it is open between 10 AM to 5.30 PM. During the weekdays the price to use the pool is 60 TL, while it is 75 TL during the weekends.

Anatolian Club Buyukada Swimming Pool

If you are looking for an Istanbul swimming pool in Buyukada, which is one of the Princes’ Islands, you may want to check out this option. This club has an olympic-size swimming pool, as well as two swimming pools for children and a basketball court.

Aqua Club Dolphin

Another wonderful water park in Istanbul is Aqua Club Dolphin, which is located in the Esenyurt district of the city. This water park is open from 9 AM to 5 PM everyday except for Sundays. Here visitors can enjoy a nice water park experience.

Zeytinburnu Swimming Pool

The last one of the Istanbul swimming pool options that we are going to talk about is Zeytinburnu Swimming Pool. If you want to have some fun swimming in a pool in Istanbul, this one can be another option to know about.

Note: The images in this blog post are stock photos and they are not from the actual places. Also, the prices and other information about the pools may change over time.


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