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Lots of tourists from all around the world choose to spend their vacations in Istanbul. Because it is a city that draws attention in so many aspects. From Istanbul’s cuisine to amazing historical sights, this city has a lot to offer. One of the things that might draw tourists attention can be Istanbul skyscrapers.

There are a lot of skyscrapers in this incredible city that can absolutely fascinate you with their views. You can come and see some of these tall buildings during your vacation in this city. So here we have put together a list of six Istanbul skyscrapers that you may want to see. Now you can check them out and see if you find any of them interesting to learn about.

One of the Istanbul Skyscrapers is Skyland Istanbul

First Istanbul skyscraper on our list is Skyland Istanbul. Skyland Istanbul is in the Sarıyer district of the city. Moreover, Skyland Istanbul is a residence project that consists of two twin towers. The buildings are 285 meters tall. Skyland Istanbul twin towers are one of the tallest buildings not only in Turkey but also in Europe. There are residences, office rooms and conference rooms available in the buildings. There is also a hotel available in here that you can stay at during your vacation.

Metropol Istanbul is Another One of the Istanbul Skyscrapers That You May Want to Learn About

Next skyscraper on our list is also one of the tallest buildings both in Turkey and Europe. Metropol Istanbui is in the Atasehir district of the city. Metropol Istanbul is a quite versatile project. The tower is 300 meters tall. Also there are residences, offices and a business area in the tower. In addition, there is also a shopping center included in this project. If you feel like going on a shopping spree on your vacation, you can come to Metropol Istanbul. There is also a art center in Metropol Istanbul called DasDas. Especially if you are into theatre and performing arts, you should definitely visit this place.

Istanbul Sapphire is a Tall and Impressive Building in Istanbul

Istanbul Sapphire is one of the tallest buildings in Turkey and Europe just like the other buildings on this list. This building is in the Kagithane district of the city. Istanbul Sapphire building is 261 meters tall and you can see it from many parts of Istanbul. Also, Istanbul Sapphire project includes residence and office areas. Besides, there is a shopping mall in there that you might want to visit, too. Istanbul Sapphire surely is one of the Istanbul skyscrapers that you may want to visit when you come to this city.

Curious About Istanbul Skyscrapers? Nurol Life May Be Worth Checking Out

Nurol Life is in the Sarıyer district of Istanbul just like the Skyland Istanbul. Nurol Life building is 252 meters tall. It is a residence project that has some features that can make you want to live in this place. The project includes pretty much everything that a resident can ask for. It has concierge services, spa and sauna rooms, fitness center, a swimming pool and more. Besides, it is in a very central part of the city.

You Can Learn About Spine Tower If You are Interested in Skyscrapers in Istanbul

Spine Tower building is 202 meters tall and it is also one of the tallest ones among Istanbul skyscrapers. Basically, this structure is one of the tallest buildings in Istanbul. Spine Tower is a residence project in Maslak in the Sarıyer district of Istanbul. As you can see, many of the tallest buildings in the city are in this district, since it is an important location in the city in terms of financial activity. This Istanbul skysraper certainly stands out with its architecture. If you want to see an amazing skyscraper view in Istanbul, this one may be worth your time to see.

The Last One of the Istanbul Skyscrapers on Our List is Anthill Residence

Anthill Residence is in the Bomonti neighborhood in the Sisli district of Istanbul. Anthill Residence building is 210 meters tall. Also, it is a residence project as well. There are 804 residences in this Istanbul skyscraper. Besides, it has amazing views of some of the wonderful places in Istanbul such as the Bosphorus, Princes’ Islands and the Golden Horn.

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