For people who are planning to visit Turkey, there can be some significant questions to ask. For instance, considering the importance of communication when visiting a foreign country, you may ask: “is English widely spoken in Turkey?”. If you are looking for an answer to this question, you can keep reading…

According to a report, it is thought that around 17% of the people in Turkey can speak English. However, if we are looking at fluency, the percentage can be even lower than this. Although there are many people who speak English in touristy areas in Turkey, this is not the norm. So if you are planning to go deeper with your cultural exploration in this country, it can be a good idea to speak some Turkish.

Is English widely spoken in Turkey or not?

When visiting a foreign country, one of the struggles can be the language barrier. This can also be the case for Turkey, as well. So, is English widely spoken in Turkey or not.

Unfortunately, finding fluent English speakers in Turkey can be difficult, especially when you move further from touristy places in the country. Therefore, in case you are planning to visit Turkey, make sure to at least learn some of the basics of the Turkish language.