When planning to visit a foreign city as a tourist, you may have lots of different questions in your mind, and this can be the case for Istanbul as well. In case you will be going to Istanbul, you may be asking questions like: “is 7 days in Istanbul too much?”.

If you have seven days to visit and experience Istanbul, this can be a fairly good amount of time for this. Instead of a very short trip like 2-3 days, you can get to experience this wonderful city more deeply and visit many more places compared to a very short tour here.

Is 7 days in Istanbul too much or is it a good amount of time to spend in this city?

Before visiting Istanbul, you can ask questions such as “how many days do you need in Istanbul?” and “is 7 days in Istanbul too much?”.

With a short trip in this city, like for 2-3 days, you may be limiting yourself to the top tourist attractions in Istanbul. But if you have a week to explore this city, you can get a chance to have a deeper experience here. Also, you can even have a longer trip in this beautiful city if you want.